Call Management & Recording

Complete control for every inbound and outbound call

Our wide range of Call Management and Call Recording Solutions are an essential tool for your business, helping you to monitor and manage your company performance!

Enhance every process in your business by analysing the way that your team handles calls. From refining your sales pitch, fixing a tech support issue or helping a team member with a difficult customer. There is massive range of functionality gained by managing your calls effectively.

Our solutions help you to:

    • Record inbound and outbound calls – Capture insight from every area of business so you can make improvements to your call processes. Support your team by making sure that they have the best training possible.
    • Resolve disputes – Being able to review a call with a difficult customer or work dispute allows you to protect your employees. Make sure everyone has been given the correct information and ensure regulatory compliance.
    • Find and list calls – Find the right calls easily and save them for future reference. Being able to review old calls and adjusting the processes that you use is a fantastic resource for training team members new and old.
    • Easy playback – Our call management solutions are compatible with a whole range of telephony systems, so you will always be able to find the right call quickly and listen to them with great audio quality.
    • Export and archive calls – Keep calls logged for future reference, whether you need them for training, gaining customer insights or for legal purposes. Our solution lets you archive calls or export them to other systems.
    • Monitor the quality of your call handling – Any area of your business relies on a high-quality call process. Make sure your whole team are on the same page on how to deal with customers in any circumstance. Make sure that calls are answered, and that queries are dealt with quickly.
    • Improve customer service – Refine your customer service with your team. Analyse previous calls to find mistakes, review employee performance and better incentivise to create an environment that both benefits your customers and your staff.
    • Ideal for staff training – Call recording is the ultimate training tool. Whether you are using a great previous call as an example to new hires or analysing a difficult one with your staff to show what to avoid, the utility is endless.
    • Prioritise calling back missed calls first – Make sure you never keep any customers waiting. Call management allows you to see who you missed, so you can get back in touch with them quickly.
    • Delivers the complete Contact Centre tool allowing you to successfully manage your staff – View your whole team’s progress easily all in one place so you can manage quality control.  This allows for complete risk mitigation and makes sure you’re getting the most out of your communications.
    • Displays real time call statistics in large individual tiles where each statistic can have a specifically configured alarm – And many more simple management tools, so you can keep tabs on your entire communication system without being bogged down by difficult analytics.

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