Get the latest technology, without the up-front costs.

The Network Communications Group offers a variety of simple and economical ways to obtain the benefits of the latest technology, whilst removing the steep up-front costs.

We understand that technology is only as good as the savings it provides for your business. Our services come with flexible rental plans that are tailored to your business’ needs. The steep upfront costs that communications and security solutions come with often won’t suit needs, so we can facilitate affordable monthly payments.

Our own in-house finance facilities work in conjunction with other top funders to allow us to deliver rental plans that suit the needs of your business with a turnaround of just 24 hours!


Network Finance Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FCA, Registration: 726621 

Our finance plans are great for businesses who need:

  • To upgrade their technology without breaking the bank. Paying in instalments is far more flexible and reflects much better on your bottom line.
  • To preserve cash for more projects down the line. Access the best technology without hindering your approach to other new developments throughout your business.
  • A single place for the financing of hardware, software and services. Whether you need communications, connections or security, we’ve got you covered.
  • The convenience of a single monthly payment. Far better for your reports and gives you more income to direct on other projects.
  • To refresh their technology on a regular schedule to prevent disruptions in the workflow. Downtime can be massively draining on both your income and your relationships with customers. Make sure you have a system that always stays up and running.
  • To stay tax efficient. A single recurring bill looks far better on your reports than a larger lump sum.
Get in touch with our finance team and together we’ll make a bespoke plan for your business, combining the best technology with a cost-effective way to access it.