Integrated and mobile-optimised analytics and call recording.

Empower your team with a clear view of their call performance .

iCall Suite provides you and your team with a clear and meaningful way to track their communications. This provides you with a huge amount of insight and allows you to develop your strategy around the factors that mean the most for you.

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in-depth call reporting.

iCall Suite integrates alongside cloud or on-premise communication services to deliver the information you need in real time. Reports are designed around the key metrics that matter most to your business.

Whether you want to increase the effeciency of your call processes, stop calls from being missed or guarantee that SLAs are met.

Call Analytics

Call recording.

Your iCall Suite allows you to record calls on a range of different communication platforms across multiple sites. These calls are simply stored and and be played back at any time. This provides you with the ideal tool to train your team and ensures compliance with the latest regulations.

Call reporting

Contact centre monitoring.

Providing up to the minute agent and queue analytics. iCall’s contact centre solutions provides you with granular reporting on inbound and outbound calls, and fully integrates with call recording. This provides supervisors and agents with the clearest view of their work available.


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Monitor individual performance.

iCall’s selection of tools allows agents and managers to understand and support their team members in any situation. Whether that’s using recorded calls for training, viewing which users are hit with the highest call volumes or championing the top performers.

Improve team operations.

Having a clear view of each team’s call statistics provides a platform that can be built upon with ease. You can easily compare departments, teams and even multiple offices to find a winning formula. It also allows you to spot areas in your business that are not performing to standards.

Call Analytics

Support productivity.

The ability to review live statistics on the fly means that managers can make changes quickly to ensure relevant KPIs are met. If a VIP customer has their call missed, you will be the first to see. The increased reaction times that your business is provided with can be a huge benefit.

helpful resources.

There are a whole host of useful technical resources available to help teams learn how to use their new iCall suite. We have all of these resources listed here on our website, so even if you have been working with iCall for a while, take a look and learn something new. 


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