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About Millfield Arts Centre

Millfield Arts Centre is located in the heart of bustling Edmonton, North London; the centre consists of the ultra-modern theatre building & Millfield House dating back to the last century, as a Grade II listed building.

Millfield House is home to many local community groups and corporate clients who hire the various spaces for meetings, workshops and classes. A further three office spaces are hired on a regular basis by two community organisations and a professional theatre producer.

In August 2010 work began to refurbish Millfield House and reinstate some of the lost historical features of the property whilst maintaining practicality for the current users. The project was completed in March 2011 with the Network Communications Group Ltd undertaking the telephony & infrastructure upgrade.

The Business Challenge

Millfield was faced with 3 significant challenges:
  • Firstly to improve the communication infrastructure between the theatre and the house;
  • Secondly, to handle the high volume of calls to book tickets when productions are announced;
  • Finally, to manage the “hotel” facilities on site to room lines and long term tenants.

The Business Solution


As an established Platinum Ericsson-LG reseller since 1987, the Network Communications Group Ltd have been the preferred telecommunication providers for the Millfield Arts Centre for over 14 years and understand the operational requirements, and did not think twice about recommending the new Ericsson-LG iPECS system. This not only satisfied the key challenges but also met the strict requirements set out by the Millfield Arts Centre, in addition to offering modern technology with flexibility to connect extensions across both sites via IP technology. This allowed the connection of old legacy handsets in the house that would remain until the refurbishment was complete.

The newly refurbished theatre site used CAT5e data connectivity for all IP telephone handsets, while the box office utilised the sophisticated call handling & auto-attendant to provide call queuing & monitoring to the booking suite.

More recently, the Millfield Arts Centre have enabled the remote connection with the Dugdale Centre in the heart of Enfield Town, including the deployment of multiple IP telephone handsets via broadband to the Ericsson-LG iPECS, creating a true multi-sited, wide area networked solution.

The successful, multi site IP implementation allows for fast effective communication, increased productivity, improved monitoring & customer service levels, whilst maintaining a close eye on overheads & costs.

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