Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) solutions that will bring together all of your strategic communications.

Improve productivity between team members whether they are in your main location, dispersed across multiple sites, on the go or working from home!

The Network Communications Group can provide a Unified Communications (UC) solution that will bring together all of your strategic communications and productivity services. Access a range of features including voice and video calls, instant messaging, and desktop applications, all from one simple and easy to use platform across a range of devices.  Access all of your tools for communication anywhere in the world.

Transform the way your team handles collaboration and communication with UC.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Manage your calls with a device that suits you. With your UC platform, you can access voice calls from your desktop PC, making the call control process more flexible and built to suit you.
  • Call control works over UC with a simple one-click drag & drop, allowing you to stay on top of your communications and manage customers simply.
  • One of Unified Communication’s most valuable features – presence lets your team see which of their colleagues are available to communicate at any time by allowing you to instantly set your status, whether you are busy, on a call or available to talk.
  • Assist your customer service by finding the right person to help with customer questions quickly and easily, making for more efficient interactions.
  • Save money and time by getting in contact with the team members you need to speak to, when you need to.
  • Revolutionise remote work by giving your staff the ability to see which of their colleagues is free to collaborate – it sounds simple but it works!
  • More than just texting, instant messaging with UC keeps your team connected.
  • Simply invite others with drag & drop and start communicating efficiently.
  • Instant messaging can be the perfect tool for assisting customer service processes, message your team quickly and discretely to handle customer queries in a professional manner.
  • Leave notes for offline UC users so they can contact you as soon as they come online.
  • Your UC system can make a record of messages, so your team can use and access them for future reference.
  • Access high quality audio calls anywhere you need to by combining your phone system with UC.
  • Call pop-up shows caller information. This is a major time saver for support teams who can find out everything they need to know about a customer before their conversation even begins.
  • Outlook pop-up shows callers’ contact information in Microsoft Outlook. UC integrates with all of the most important services that your business already uses.
  • Make quick memos on call within a pop-up window.
  • Stay in touch with your whole team using easy audio conferencing.
  • Combine with the presence feature so you know exactly which colleagues are available to collaborate in real time, anytime.
  • Easy conference organisation through PC application with drag & drop. No more searching for your team’s contact details, create a virtual room and add who you need to quickly and easily.
  • Video calls are essential for maintaining a face-to-face relationship with customers. UC facilitates one to one calls simply and efficiently.
  • No matter what device you are using, from desktop to mobile, UC allows you to make easy video calls whenever you need to.
  • Video conferencing is a vital part of modern business communications. UC allows you to stay connected with customers and colleagues in real time.
  • Keep your remote staff connected by giving them easy access to the best in video conferencing technology.
  • Easily retrieve and manage your voicemails through Visual Voicemail application.
  • Visual Voicemail also allows you to see customer information through your UC interface, so you can easily keep track of who is calling and how you can best respond.
  • Set a default voice message list on your visual voicemail service, so you know which calls are the most urgent.
  • Unified Communications works seamlessly with the productivity services you already use, such as Microsoft Outlook.
  • Synchronise your Outlook contacts and calendars with your UC system, so you always remain informed and can easily schedule alongside your team.
  • Easy dialling from Microsoft Outlook allows you to seamlessly connect your email and phone services.
  • Facilitating easy and effective collaboration is one of the central aspects to Unified Communications
  • Share documents, spreadsheets, presentations and images in real-time with multiple team members and customers and work with people on files no matter where you are.
  • Screen sharing functionality can enhance your call process, allowing you to provide webinars to customers and work on documents with colleagues.
  • Even remote workers can collaborate effectively, using a UC platform’s comprehensive suite of tools. Your team won’t be held back no matter where your team are working.

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