Access Control

Security systems

NCG’s TECTA division are here to help provide advice and guidance to businesses on choosing the right security solution for the right environment. With access to all the leading control systems, we choose the best suited product and design to fit your needs.

Access control systems were once reserved for banks and the military, but due to the increasing affordability of effective security, more and more businesses can utilise these systems. We offer a variety of systems that are all built to meet the needs of different businesses. No two businesses are alike, and we recognise that all will have different security requirements.

Your access control system can be fully integrated with door entry and CCTV. Check out our other security service pages for more information.

Our access control systems come with a range of great features, including:
  • Full software integration – Access control works alongside all of your other security services. From door entry to CCTV, it operates seamlessly with the rest of your network to create a comprehensive security suite.
  • Time and attendance – Maintain full control of when people enter your building, so you can have full peace of mind.
  • Record logs – Keep track of who enters your premises and when they arrive.
  • Access tokens – Create a truly thorough security system by making sure your team are the only ones able to access the office.
  • Swipe cards – Equip your team with the tools to keep them and their work safe and secure.
  • Cutting-edge biometrics – Provide your business with a truly modern security system, keeping your office safe at all time.

We have supplied businesses nationwide with great security systems designed around the needs of their team. Our TECTA support team have experience in both installation and maintenance of these systems to give you and your team peace of mind.

Our dedicated team are always available to help you take your security to the next level.

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