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Access Control.

Keep your premise secure even when you are working remotely.

Advanced access control systems that work for your business.

Access control systems were once reserved for high security industries like banks and the military, but due to the increasing affordability of effective security, We see these system installed on residential blocks and businesses to help keep the buildings secure and only allow access to those who are supposed to be there. 

We offer a variety of systems that are all built to meet the needs of different buildings. No two Buildings are alike, and we recognise that all will have different security requirements.

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Key Features.

Full Software Integration.

Access control works alongside all your other security services. From door entry to CCTV, it operates seamlessly with the rest of your network to create a comprehensive security suite. All your security services can be monitored and accessed through a dedicated device or PC.

Swipe Cards & Access Tokens.

Swipe cards & access tokens allow you to easily manage attendance, set levels of access and provide data on who has access to your building. This is great for both safety and security providing you with peace of mind knowing your building is secure from unwanted visitors.

Record Logs.

Keeping track of who has entered your premise and when is essential for businesses who need to prioritise safety first and foremost. Every user can be assigned an access level through dedicated software, so you can ensure that the most secure areas in your business stay that way.

Whether it is your severs or your records, get peace of mind quickly.

Biometric Security.

What was once the realm of science fiction is now possible and cost-effective through our access control solutions. Your team can access your office through a scan of your fingerprint. Provide your business with a truly modern security system, keeping your office safe at all time.

Benefits of Access Control.

Monitor time and attendance.

Each member of staff has their own unique code with our access control systems. This means that you can easily track time of arrival and exit. This allows you to get an accurate headcount in case of emergency or for monitoring purposes.

Keyless Entry.

Say goodbye to the huge set of keys needed to access your office every morning. With an access control system, you only need a small card, fob or even a fingerprint. There are huge benefits to switching in terms of both convenience and safety.

Solutions to suit you.

There are various access control systems available and each one has its own capabilities. At Tecta we pride ourselves on being able to offer various solutions, providing options and advice allowing you to make an informed decision on the right solution for you.

Nationwide support.

Our dedicated team are always available to help you take your security to the next level. With experience in both installation and maintenance, we’ll have your system online quickly and working at its best.

“After agreeing a fair quotation for the works required. Network Communications delivered a smooth transition over to the Horizon phone system over multiple sites for Fish Brothers. Communication throughout the project was excellent. The system is solid and adapts to everything all businesses could want in today’s market.

Would be happy to use and recommend Network again. Thanks to all.”

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