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Data Connectivity.

A range of high-speed network connectivity services that are designed to support any business.

Stay connected with your team and your customers.

The Network Communications Group broadband services can help you get more for less. Providing bandwidth, hardware and full customer service support.

Every business has different requirements from their broadband. From the scale of your business to your location, we tailor our connectivity solutions to suit you.

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Key Features.

EFM & Leased Lines.

This is a dedicated, private line that only carries communications and traffic from your company, resulting in a guaranteed level of service. Perfect for the business that needs to maintain a strong connection between multiple premises.

The line can be used for data, video and voice and is most effective when sharing heavy bandwidth applications between different offices.

MPLS Networks.

Providing a secure & fast multi-site connection, MPLS networks bring the benefits of simplicity, control and significant cost savings for your business.

MPLS (MultiProtocol Label Switching) is a highly cost-effective leased line equivalent service aimed at corporate customers who need a highly resilient, private network in order to run their own high bandwidth applications.

Broadband & FTTC Services.

A full fibre connection can provide your business with a high speed, reliable connection. Fibre allows you to share data and communicate with VoIP and video conferencing with ease. The low latency connection means that any video content or data coming into and out of your premise will be of the best quality.

Ideal for the modern business who requires flexibility as well as reliability.

Remote Connections.

Don’t force your staff to rely on their home broadband network. With our data solutions you can take the functionality of the office home with you.

Video conferencing and other essential services can be taxing on a home broadband connection, a dedicated connection supports you. Work on a device and in an environment that suits you.


SoGEA is a broadband line that can be installed for businesses without a traditional phone landline attached. This is a response to the ongoing shutdown of the PTSN phone network.

SoGEA is quick to install on any site, and allows for both your office and any remote staff to access a connection with speeds of up to 80Mbps, tailored to your needs.

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GFast is the newest copper line based broadband service to hit the UK. GFast uses adapted FTTC technology to connect to the nearest BT cabinet, and provide faster speeds than other fibre connections. GFast still works across copper lines, but can not be used to make traditional phone calls, it’s a data only broadband service.

GFast is currently setting the standard in fibre broadband speeds and is being rolled out across the UK right now. To see if your area has availability, get in touch with our team.

Benefits of our Data Connectivity Services.

Free Installation.

With our broadband and FTTC services, we offer free installation. Helping you get your system up and running in a cost-effective, quick and non-intrusive way.

We’ll even add in a free router, to get your office connected easily.

High bandwidth.

Our network connectivity services are ideal for businesses that run VPNs, Voice over IP and business critical programs on a daily basis.

Accounts packages and stock information also require high upload and download speeds, which we can provide with ease.

Multi-office support.

Businesses spread across multiple premises may feel disconnected. With a MPLS or Leased Lines service, this isn’t the case.

Our connectivity services maintain high speed communication and file sharing between multiple premises. All at a wallet-friendly price point.


Our 24-hour support service is always available for our connectivity services.

Give our team a call and we’ll be with you to solve any connection issues. We also operate a remote access support service to help you on the go.

“The iPECS system has allowed us to programme any phone, how I want it to work. When we introduced the handsets to the team, they were absolutely delighted. They’re easy to use and they are flexible. Especially when you have staff who rely on their phone to do their business, it’s got to be a reliable and flexible system, that’s exactly what the iPECS system provides”.

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