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Bespoke communications platforms to fit your business requirements.

Communication platforms are designed to support businesses in any sector, regardless of size or scale.

Whether you’re a small growing business, enterprise or multi-site corporation, our communication systems and solutions are scalable to meet the requirements of everyone in the organisation. NCG deliver versatile and feature-rich communications services, tailored to every business’s requirement.

Reliable and robust communications with high quality voice is crucial now more than ever.

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Key Features.

Bespoke to your team.

Every business and department has different needs when it comes to their telephony requirements. Whether located across one or multiple locations, we provide remote working features which can be tailored to the current needs of your team now and in the long-term, with flexibility and built-in future proofing.

Our systems are infinitely scalable and adding new users is a simple process.

Management & Resilience.

We recognise the importance of self-management and reliance to our clients; therefore, we offer a range of on-premise systems that can be entirely managed from within your location, offering you complete control over the way that your system is managed and maintained at a granular level. In conjunction with our remote support when needed, you will find this is the perfect blend.

Predicting the future is something we all struggle with so should something take a turn for the worse, our solutions can deliver automatic failover delivering business and telephony continuity regardless of the situation.

Range of Providers.

We maintain a longstanding association with a number of the UK’s most well-known and trusted telecoms manufacturers with a global presence. This means we only deliver products that have a trusted reputation of reliability and longevity.

This ensures 100% confidence in all products and solutions recommended with the backup and experience from the major UK Telephony Manufacturers.


Our On-Premise Solutions utilise our cost-effective Lines & Call bundles, offering the flexibility of SIP Trunks with Free UK Local/National & UK Mobile Call Packages.

Regardless of the number of business locations or remote workers, our On-Premise solutions deliver location to location internal calling between extensions. This allows businesses to consolidate the number of services required and seamlessly connect staff who are working in separate premises or from home.

Benefits of On-Premise Communications.

Business Continuity.

If your office is temporarily relocated in an emergency, our systems can react quickly.

The platform can easily forward your calls to any location or number, quickly and cost-effectively, allowing your business to operate no matter the situation.

No expensive call forwarding costs are required should you relocate or need to divert calls in the event of a disaster.

Unlimited Customisation.

We know that many businesses love to have complete control over every aspect of their communications. For these teams, on-premise systems are the way to go.

Our systems can be added and expanded upon with a variety of features depending on your team’s needs. They also work well alongside existing communications and IT infrastructure.

Call Statistics.

Our systems allow you to manage a wide variety of data relating to response times, missed calls and more. These can be delivered through adhoc or scheduled reports.

This information allows your team to analyse and discover peak calling times, data on your best performers and even how you can stop calls from slipping through the cracks.

Variety of handsets.

We have a wide range of handsets from a range of the top manufacturers to suit every requirement and environment your business has.

“After agreeing a fair quotation for the works required. Netwo”The iPECS system has allowed us to programme any phone, how I want it to work. When we introduced the handsets to the team, they were absolutely delighted. They’re easy to use and they are flexible. Especially when you have staff who rely on their phone to do their business, it’s got to be a reliable and flexible system, that’s exactly what the iPECS system provides”.

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