Call Statistics & Recording.

Complete control for every inbound, outbound and internal call.

Our call management and recording solutions are essential for monitoring performance levels and service.

Enhance processes within your business by analysing the way teams manage calls and processes. From refining the way you communicate, analysing response times, or better understanding peak call times, Call Reporting & Recording services offer a range of functionality designed to manage calls thereby improving the client’s experience.

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Key Features.

Record Inbound & Outbound Calls.

Capture insights from every area of the business allowing improvements to your call processes. Support your team by making sure that they have the best training possible.

Measure & improve performance levels based upon actual business conversations. The statement “this call may be recorded for training purposes” really does work.

Prioritise the customers you miss.

Are business calls missed? In the unfortunate event that this happens, scheduled missed call reports allow you to see what calls were missed and when, so you can get back in touch quickly and efficiently. Integration with leading CRM software makes it easily to identify who needs their call returned.

keep calls for future reference.

Retain recorded calls for future reference, training purposes, gaining better customer insights or for legal purposes. Our solutions let you archive calls, or export them to other systems. If call recordings are needed to act as a digital signature, our platform provides this with ease.

Contact Centre Solutions.

Viewing the team/company’s performance in real-time is possible through a visually appealing wallboard that can be wall mounted or presented on a PC Desktop. This allows management and quality control simply and unobtrusively, you also gain the ability to react to business critical situations as it happens.

Horizon Contact Centre.

Simplify customer engagement with our latest solution. Horizon Contact works in conjunction with the Horizon portfolio and is designed to resolve customer queries the first time they dial in.

It does this with advanced call handling features such as skill-based routing. This service directs customers to the user who can best solve their issue, whether this is the person they last spoke to or the user best equipped to help.

Benefits of Call Statistics & Recording.

Easy Training.

Call recording is the ultimate training tool. Whether you are using a great previous call as an example to new employees, or analysing a difficult call with your staff to show what to avoid, the training benefits are endless.

Improve Customer Service.

Refine your customer service with your team.

Use Call Recording to analyse previous calls to find areas for improvement. Statistics can be used to review employee performance. Both combined work an incentive to create an environment that both benefits your customers and staff.

meet company benchmarks.

A wallboard service acts as a way for your team to track their own progress. With our solutions, both staff and managers can see who is handling the most calls in any frame of time. Encourage teamwork or even some healthy competition.

Easy search & Playback.

Our call recording solutions are compatible with a whole range of telephony systems, so you will always be able to find the right call quickly and listen to them with great audio quality.

“After agreeing a fair quotation for the works required. Network Communications delivered a smooth transition over to the Horizon phone system over multiple sites for Fish Brothers. Communication throughout the project was excellent. The system is solid and adapts to everything all businesses could want in today’s market.

Would be happy to use and recommend Network again. Thanks to all.”

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