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Public & Commercial Services Union.

The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) is one of the largest civil service trade unions in the UK, consisting of around 200,000 members. PCS were using a wide and disorganised range of suppliers and were missing out on useful features. Netcomms centralised PCS’ communications so any call could be answered by any team, as well as assisting their plans for the future.

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The Challenge.

PCS used different suppliers, leading to rising costs which made budget control, management and maintenance of the numerous communication solutions difficult to manage.

There was no visibility of staff calling activity, no record of how many calls are being missed or which staff members were picking up the calls. This made managing customer service and staff activity problematic.

PCS wanted to move to a flexible working environment, with more staff working across the multiple locations. Netcomms’ objective was to consolidate all communications elements under one roof to form a unified, future-proof platform to support PCS’s growing activities. Streamlining PCS telephony management of the solution and their charges.

The Solution.

Netcomms centralised all inbound numbers so calls could be answered from any location, meeting the flexible working requirement. In addition, decentralising outbound calls so the same numbers can be used at any of the PCS sites so their customers knew who was calling & when they called.

Forward planning was key, due to the scale and vast locations spread across the country, all of which was managed via our project management team, then deployed by our fully accredited technicians.

iPECS Cloud was installed with up to 235 IP Endpoints across all locations, providing PCS with the future-proof communications platform, that meets their scalability requirement and enables PCS to effectively manage all costs from one location.

iPECS Products

The Future.

To continue driving PCS’s growing organisation forward, the icall suite, call reporting, analytics and real-time wallboard will give clear visibility of staff call activity through a real-time dashboard. This will help to create a more organised environment that shows total calls, total outbound calls, total answered, missed calls, whilst drilling down to single users.

Fish Brothers Jewellers.

The Fish Brothers Group Ltd. is an independently owned, family run jewellery business with a history that stretches as far back as 1830. The current board have been very successful, operating 15 branches. Charles Fish needed a solution that could match their expanding infrastructure. Netcomms provided an IP solution that can support Fish Brothers for years to come.

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The Challenge.

The Netcomms counts Fish Brothers as one of its first and longest standing clients. Initially Netcomms was responsible for installing standalone communications systems into Fish Brothers’ head office in Walthamstow and a couple of branches, but over the years that relationship has developed into a true partnership between two like minded businesses.

As Fish Brothers Group expanded its operations, it became clear that a comprehensive overhaul of its communications infrastructure was required. The business was expanding rapidly, with multiple branches, call costs between sites were a real issue.

The Solution.

Netcomms recommended an IP based solution which would enable all sites to operate as one network. enabling staff to simply dial an internal extension number to speak to other branches or head office.

The new IP-based system not only saved Fish Brothers money by making all calls between branches free of charge, but also provided a range of other flexibility that typically comes with an IP solution. This includes the ability to run IP softphones on laptops when required, to log into a desk phone from any handset when travelling between branches, and to set up new users and new branches quickly and easily, simply by plugging in an IP handset.

As part of the overall communications refresh, Netcomms also provided the management team with new business mobiles running on the O2 network, and now manages all handset issues, upgrades and add-ons for the business.

The Feedback.

“One of nicest things about working with NCG Ltd is that their engineers are long-standing with the company. The branches get to know people and trust them, so don’t have to watch over them as they would with people they didn’t know – which is really helpful in our trade. The engineers also take personal responsibility for making sure we’re happy – even giving out their own mobile phone numbers so we can contact them at weekends. They understand that ours is a seven days a week business even if theirs isn’t.

I’d definitely recommend Network Communications Group to other companies, and have already done so. Full credit to Graham and the team for doing such an excellent job. There is great trust, the staff know them and value what they do – and this is vital to us, worth its weight in gold, and what makes working with Netcomms so attractive.” – Peter Coleman, Company Director

Millfield Arts Centre.

Millfield Arts Centre is located in the heart of bustling Edmonton, North London; the centre consists of the ultra-modern theatre building & Millfield House dating back to the last century, as a Grade II listed building. The building was recently refurbished and required a connectivity and communication system to match. Netcomms created a system that could match the locale.

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The Challenge.

Millfield was faced with 3 significant challenges. firstly to improve the communication infrastructure between the theatre and the house, secondly, to handle the high volume of calls to book tickets when productions are announced, finally, to manage the “hotel” facilities on site to room lines and long term tenants.

As an established Platinum Ericsson-LG reseller since 1987, the Network Communications Group Ltd have been the preferred telecommunication providers for the Millfield Arts Centre for over 14 years and understand the operational requirements, and did not think twice about recommending the new Ericsson-LG iPECS system.

The Solution.

The iPECS system offered modern technology with flexibility to connect extensions across both sites via IP technology. This allowed the connection of old legacy handsets in the house that would remain until the refurbishment was complete.

The newly refurbished theatre site used CAT5e data connectivity for all IP telephone handsets, while the box office utilised the sophisticated call handling & auto-attendant to provide call queuing & monitoring to the booking suite.

More recently, the Millfield Arts Centre have enabled the remote connection with the Dugdale Centre in the heart of Enfield Town, including the deployment of multiple IP telephone handsets via broadband to the Ericsson-LG iPECS, creating a true multi-sited, wide area networked solution.

The Feedback.

“The iPECS system has allowed us to programme any phone, how I want it to work. When we introduced the handsets to the team, they were absolutely delighted. They’re easy to use and they are flexible. Especially when you have staff who rely on their phone to do their business, it’s got to be a reliable and flexible system, that’s exactly what the iPECS system is.”

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