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by Oak Innovation.

Secure call recording and analytics for
Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft Teams is a great solution for business communication. It’s not for just video calls and instant messaging either – we can even enable it for voice. However, it isn’t built for recording calls in a compliant, reliable way.

ClarifyGo by Oak Innovation solves that problem with cloud-hosted, GDPR-compliant call recording for MS Teams.

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Why do you need call reporting for teams?

Call recording is an essential tool for training, monitoring and quick, transparent complaint resolution. Meanwhile, in some sectors it’s non-negotiable for compliance. 

Teams is a popular communications platform with excellent user experience, but it isn’t built for reliable, compliant call recording. There is a record option in Teams but it comes with downsides. Such as:

It doesn’t automatically store recordings in a secure, organised space and it’s manually operated. That means it’s all too easy to forget to press record, and even if you remember there are drawbacks. The files are large, unclearly labelled and create compliance risks. This is where ClarifyGo can help. 

WHat are the benefits of clarifygo?

Ease of use.

ClarifyGo makes managing recordings on Teams incredibly simple. You can quickly set rules to automate what to record, and what to avoid recording. Because recordings are stored in the cloud, you can access them from anywhere with ease.

ClarifyGo Microsoft Teams Integration

Stay compliant.

Call recording comes with strict regulations under GDPR. If you handle card payments, the requirements become even stricter with PCI. ClarifyGo records and stores in a secure, fully GDPR manner, and it’s easy for authorised personnel to delete customer data if required. As for PCI, you can easily create settings to pause recording automatically to ensure card details aren’t stored. This gives not only you but your customers peace of mind.

Computer and desk phone

Gain valuable insights.

ClarifyGo works alongside other Microsoft tools to improve workflow and business intelligence. Speech analytics can send audio transcription to Microsoft Insights to track performance, identify compliance risk, and provide customer experience insights.

ClarifyGo Analytics

reputable technology.

Oak Innovation are one of the few Microsoft Certified Solutions Partners Globally and they use Microsoft’s ultra-reliable, globally trusted Azure to host all your call data, providing you with the highest level of quality and security. Meaning you can trust you’ll be getting the highest levels of quality and security.

Microsoft Teams with ClarifyGo by Oak Innovation

Secure file sharing.

Time-limited links allow you to send large files securely, rather than via email, which can be an insecure method of transfer.

File sharing with ClarifyGo from Oak Innovation

Analytics intelligence.

Harness the use of AI with speech analytics, a useful tool that provides valuable information. It even allows you to search recordings for key words, as well as finding trends and supporting performance targets to help your business to assess services and reshape business strategy.

Analytics for ClarifyGo

Tailored to your industry.

Every sector has a use for call recording. For some industries, it’s essential to be able to capture all conversations, both internally and externally, whilst staying compliant with regulations.

ClarifyGo by Oak Innovation

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