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Resilient and inclusive communications from one of our industry’s most well-known providers.

A Wide range of 

Avaya products are designed around a vision to make staff collaboration easier and customer satisfaction to be higher. The global number 1 provider of communications for SMEs and Contact Centres, Avaya has a strong set of credentials as well as a varied product offering.

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Spaces Team Collaboration.

A great way for teams to self-organise and collaborate. Your team can separate into different working ‘spaces’, these spaces offer you a way to bring multiple individual team members together even if you are working remotely.

Through spaces you can collaborate using voice, video and group messaging.

Avaya IP Solutions.

Avaya offers a wide range of different IP phones for businesses.

From workhorse services that deliver a range of essential services, to robust systems that come bundled with all the Unified Communication and customer services you need.

Get in contact to find which solution works for your team.

Integrations with existing services.

Avaya systems embed simply alongside the services you already use. Productivity is central here as exemplified by compatibility with Google, Outlook, Office 365, Salesforce and Teams.

Having all of your systems in one inclusive experience allows your team to get a clearer picture of their work and make better informed decisions.

Avaya Mobile.

Avaya’s IP offering also features a range of mobile apps designed for use away from the office.

Remote work is on the rise and being able to take your work home with you is a great way to drive collaboration and productivity. This also offers your business a sense of continuity should something go wrong.

Your team will always be well-equipped for work.

The Benefits.

Designed with a range of industries in mind.

Avaya products are used by many sectors across the world and are a leading brand for many of the most crucial public services including healthcare and government organisations. The automotive industry also extensively relies on Avaya products to handle its communications; there are plenty of versatile features that your team can make the most of.

Enable fluid working.

Avaya’s IP solutions are designed with flexibility in mind. They allow you to take the functionality of the office with you no matter where you choose to work.

You can essentially turn your tablet, PC, mobile or home phone into a fully functioning office extension. Avaya allows you to create an office away from the office.

Create a BYOD Culture.

BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device is a new trend that is making life easier for many teams.

Instead of being limited to the office, Avaya’s IP solution allows you to take your system with you on the go. 40% of workers now use their mobile phones as their primary business device and an IP system such as this one caters to them.

Helpful Resources.

There is a whole host of useful technical resources available to help teams learn how to use their new Avaya systems. We have many of these resources listed here on our website, so even if you have been working with Avaya systems for a while, take a look and learn something new. 


Avaya Team Spaces

Take your Avaya system with you on the go with Team Spaces. An ideal collaborative solution, this service works on a device of your choice.

Avaya IX Workplace

Turning your home device into a fully functioning softphone, this application is a great solution for remote teams.

J1 Series phones

Avaya’s flagship series of handsets, the J1’s sleek design and powerful features have made it a popular choice for many industries.

Avaya Contact Center

One of the most popular contact center solutions in the world, Avaya’s service gives you all the most important information at a glance, whilst remaining intuitive.

Conference Phones

Top of the line conferencing systems used across many sectors around the world. These systems allow you to broadcast information quickly to anyone who needs it.


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