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Crm integrations.

Reconnect with specialist technology that supports your business.

Our services integrate with the tools that matter most to your business.

Your customer service can be exponentially improved when all your technology works alongside each other. Our communication platforms integrate with major CRMs, as well as productivity and scheduling software. This enables a variety of new and useful features, as well as streamlining your internal and outbound communications.

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Key Features.

Screen Popping supports effeciency.

Many industries experience incredibly busy peak call times, without the correct software to help manage these times, teams can get overwhelmed. With CRM integration, customer information is displayed as soon as someone dials in. Meaning your team can provide a more efficient and bespoke service.

CRM Integrations also include IVR services, which allow your customers to enter their details quickly and stores them automatically on your system for future use.


Without integrated software, your business’ average call handling time can be much higher than it should be. Our communications platform integrate with your existing databases. Meaning you can quickly move customer details onto your new system, and find them easily through global search features.


Customers appreciate their issue being resolved on the first call. CRM integrations mean that you can get in touch with external contacts directly through your management software.

Simply click a number through your database and initiate a call, saving you and your customers valuable time. Our systems integrate flawlessly with a variety of different management applications.

Video Conference on multiple devices

Grow your database.

As your business expands, more customer and employee details will need to be added. Integrations mean that as you add customer numbers or employee extensions, any changes will synchronise across both your management systems and your communications platform. Creating a seamless user experience.

Benefits of Integrations.

deliver a bespoke service.

Building a relationship with your customers is a fantastic way to retain their patronship into the future. CRM integration gives you the tools to do so. Displaying their details at a glance via IVR when call you allows you to greet them by name and understand their needs.

Accelerate Average handling time.

Many industries are inundated with calls at specific times of day, businesses such as dentists or logistics teams are often at risk of not being able to reach every customer due to the amount of calls they receive.

CRM integration allows you to understand each call in more detail as they arrive, so they can be resolved first time or passed on to the relevant colleague.

Schedule alongside your team.

CRM services aren’t the only tools that integrate with our communication platforms. Help your team to stay on the same page by connecting your communications with scheduling tools. Our systems work alongside services like Outlook, so you can easily plan meetings or know which member of your team is available to handle a call.

Perfect for fluid working.

If you are working away from the office, you can set an ‘out of office’ message that can apply across your whole communication suite. From your communications platform, to calendar apps, with the right integrations your team always receive a clear picture.

“After agreeing a fair quotation for the works required. Network Communications delivered a smooth transition over to the Horizon phone system over multiple sites for Fish Brothers. Communication throughout the project was excellent. The system is solid and adapts to everything all businesses could want in today’s market.

Would be happy to use and recommend Network again. Thanks to all.”

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