Teams for Business

The ultimate environment for communication and collaboration

Teams provides an all-round service that is both time and cost efficient for sharing work, scheduling online meetings and communicating with clients and colleagues in a quick and organised way.

Connecting with all the services that you already know and trust, Microsoft Teams brings your call, video and file-sharing capabilities together for a complete experience, whilst remaining cost-effective.

NetComms recommend this service to any enterprise looking for a convenient way to connect a growing team. Create efficient and accessible meetings and allow for easy file-sharing, whilst also greatly benefitting your customer service capabilities.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Calling using traditional fixed phone lines can rack up a hefty phone bill, especially when you have users calling across multiple premises. Teams helps you to slash these costs by operating entirely online.
  • Being able to create face-to-face interactions quickly and easily between both customers and colleagues can also save you a massive amount of time and money that would’ve otherwise been spent travelling between locations.
  • With built in instant-messaging that is much faster than email, you can get hold of whoever you need to, when you need them.
  • Teams also allows you to see exactly who is available to communicate at any given time, which can save you a great amount of time when setting up a call.
  • Integration with other communication channels means that you can get to work quickly, no matter what software your customer is using.
  • Perfect for growing businesses spread out across multiple locations, ensuring everyone can stay in touch.
  • Deliver webinars and host conference calls with many customers at once, using a service that provides a consistent connection and is compatible with a range of devices, Teams lets you host a private meeting with up to 250 participants.
  • Alongside streamlines accessibility, Teams also comes with robust security features, such as two-factor authentication. This allows you to host meetings with people across the globe whilst also having complete peace of mind
  • Share files, pictures and links with individuals or groups to create a working environment centred around teamwork and collaboration.
  • Screen sharing is essential for a complete video conferencing experience. Teams allows you to share and even record your screen to ensure you and your team are on the same page.
  • Teams is ideal for remote workers. It lets them get in touch quickly and easily with those in the office, and effective document sharing creates the same sense of collaboration as they would have working in the same location.
  • Teams works on any device you use for business, from PC’s and meeting room devices, to smartphones and tablets. No matter how you choose to work, Teams can help.
  • There are plenty of accessories built exclusively to enhance your Teams experience, so you can create a modular communication system designed to suit you.
  • Teams is also compatible with scheduling software such as Outlook, so you and your staff can plan effectively with each other and make sure that nobody misses an important call or meeting.
  • Teams is a service that many people are already familiar with, so your colleagues can get to grips with it right away.
  • Teams also offers full integration with other Microsoft services and IPECS Cloud. This enables it to work seamlessly alongside the other productivity and communication apps that your team already use, such as Office 365 or Outlook.
  • Featuring a simple and intuitive interface, Teams is both reliable and very easy to get the hang of.

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Simplify your infrastructure and revolutionise the way that your business handles meetings, with one simple and robust platform for calling, video and sharing.

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