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Door Entry Systems.

Create a secure and safe way for your team to enter your building.

Bespoke security systems to protect your premises.

Netcomm’s TECTA Security division have vast knowledge across the industry, including door entry products. Our systems are designed to secure your building in a cost-effective way whilst still catering to the unique requirements of your business’ location.

TECTA understand that no two buildings are the same and we will tailor your security solution to the needs of your operation.

Speak to one of our
friendly team.

Key Features.

Commercial or Residential.

Our door entry solutions range from single door requirements to multi-dwelling apartment blocks, concierge-controlled units and more. Whether you are equipping an office, commercial or residential space, we have the right solution for you.

Domestic homes, big or small residential blocks, office blocks, warehouses, hospitals; the list is endless.

A wide range of suppliers.

There are multiple manufacturers who build and supply door entry systems with various applications and aesthetic finishes. TECTA have partnered with leading suppliers within the industry, allowing customers the flexibility to choose exactly what they want from their system.

Video Entry.

We install and maintain a full range of systems including video and audio, digital and functional entry panels all tailored to suit your requirements. Video entry has risen in popularity recently and is a quick way to see exactly who is attempting entry. Our systems are made from durable materials and can last for years.

Wireless Entry.

A door control system designed to give you maximum flexibility. Many older buildings require a robust security system, but do not have the architecture to support a fully wired solution. Our wireless systems provide flexibility and an easy installation with robust security measures.

Benefits of our Door Entry Systems.


Our Door entry systems can be fully integrated with CCTV and access control to create a full security solution. Create a customised security suite that is tailored to your property. Check out our other services for more information.

TECTA Support.

Our TECTA support team have experience in both installation and maintenance of these systems to give you and your colleagues peace of mind. We’ll work with a range of suppliers to find a system that meets both your functional and aesthetic needs.

High-quality Audio.

High quality audio is built in as standard, so you know exactly who is entering your premises. Even connected to a wireless control system, your audio quality is guaranteed to be clear and effective.


We offer a wide variety of handsets based around the needs of different teams. Handsets available range from handsfree, touch screen, audio only and innovative IP solutions providing full automation. Every building has a different requirement and we can cater to this.

“After agreeing a fair quotation for the works required. Network Communications delivered a smooth transition over to the Horizon phone system over multiple sites for Fish Brothers. Communication throughout the project was excellent. The system is solid and adapts to everything all businesses could want in today’s market.

Would be happy to use and recommend Network again. Thanks to all.”

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