Door Entry Systems

NCG’s TECTA division have vast knowledge across the industry for door entry products. Bespoke system design to secure your building provides cost effective solutions across a diverse range of requirements.

TECTA understands that no two systems are the same and we will provide the right system design for you.

Solutions range from single door requirements to multi dwelling apartment blocks, concierge controlled units and more.

Door entry systems can be applied to multiple client demands and scenarios. Domestic Homes, big or small residential blocks, office blocks, warehouses, hospitals, the list is truly endless! 

There are multiple manufactures who build and supply door entry systems with various applications and aesthetic finishes. TECTA have partnered with leading suppliers within the industry, allowing customers the flexibility to choose exactly what they want from their system.

TECTA are able to design and install a system best suited to your requirements no matter how big or small. Contact us to find out more or for a free quote.

Door entry can be fully integrated with CCTV and access control. Check out our other services for more information.

What we do:
  • Wireless
  • IP/WAN 
  • Basic 2 wire
  • Video
  • Audio

We install and maintain a full range of systems including Video and Audio, Digital and Functional entry panels all tailored to suit your requirements.

There are various handsets available ranging from handsfree, touch screen, audio only and innovative IP solutions providing full automation.

See TECTA’s other services to see how your door entry system can seamlessly be integrated with access control or CCTV