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Leased Line connectivity.

Provide your team with a guaranteed level of service at all times.

A dedicated connectivity service to maintain crucial systems.

This is a dedicated, private line that only carries communications and traffic from your company, resulting in a guaranteed level of service. Perfect for the business that needs to maintain a strong connection between multiple premises.

There are many essential business services that requires a strong connection, a leased line service facilitates this.

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Key Features.

1:1 Contention Ratios.

Working on a broadband connection can mean sharing your connection with up to other surrounding users. This can have a significant effect on speed and reliability. Leased lines have a contention ratio of 1:1, giving you access to the the best available speeds at all times.

A Guaranteed Level of Service.

Vastly reduced latency means that your customers and colleagues will experience a great connection when on your site. Leased lines are a fantastic retail solution, allowing your customers to access a consistent connection during their time at your business.

Of course keeping your colleagues online at all times is fantastic for productivity and morale.

Fixed Charges.

No matter how much data you are using with your leased line service, your bill will remain exactly the same. It’s great for your bottom line. No matter what services you use, a leased line means you can work effectively without breaking the bank. This is perfect for all of your high-bandwidth solutions.

High Speed Data.

Connect your business’ most important services with speeds of up to 1gbps. Allowing you to work with high-quality video conferences, VPNs and websites, without a drop in connection.

Hosting websites especially could be a challenge for businesses without a consistent internet connection, but the high speeds of leased lines make it simple.

Benefits of Leased Lines.

Embrace video conferencing

Without a reliable broadband service, video calls can be very choppy and frustrating. Nothing is accomplished when you can barely understand your colleagues. Leased lines make it simple to stay connected with remote staff.

Business Critical Services.

There are some things that your business just can’t afford to be affected by a poor connection. Your website and security services are some of the most crucial. Leased lines provide a platform for these services to work from and always stay online.

Symmetric Connection

With a leased lines service, your upload and download speeds stay exactly the same.

This greatly improves your team’s sharing capabilities, whether you need to download a large file, or upload something new to your website. Leased lines speed up the process.

High-speed Websites.

If a website does not load fast enough, the vast majority of your customers will turn elsewhere. Leased lines affords your website a platform to operate from.

The guaranteed speeds means that every element of your site loads quickly and performs in a professional way.

“After agreeing a fair quotation for the works required. Network Communications delivered a smooth transition over to the Horizon phone system over multiple sites for Fish Brothers. Communication throughout the project was excellent. The system is solid and adapts to everything all businesses could want in today’s market.

Would be happy to use and recommend Network again. Thanks to all.”

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