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An internationally recognised and trusted brand with outstanding hardware and applications. With over 15 million users in more than 60 countries.

iPECS Products

One of the most WIDELY used platforms on the market.

iPECS on-premise systems are some of the most popular in the UK market, in large part thanks to their ease of use and reliability. iPECS have developed their on-premise offering to be just as advanced as their cloud services, with a large number of features designed for businesses who require added customisability.

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The flagship range of iPECS handsets. With models ranging from entry-level systems perfect for contact centres, to executive touch-screen devices that can handle all of your communications needs.

The 1000i series is ideal for businesses who are looking to provide a modern and professional image. These solutions are designed with iPECS’ UCP in mind and can connect to your on-premise system flawlessly.

1000i Series Handsets


The iPECS portfolio of applications provides a range of useful solutions for a variety of businesses, from auto-attendants that can help staff who are away from the office, to contact centre solutions. Your UCP solution can connect to the full range of iPECS applications as well as some of the latest external products, such as Outlook or Teams.


SCale alongside your business.

Your UCP solution provides the resilience to support your business, alongside the flexibility to ensure that it fits the needs of your business for years to come.

It is easy to expand your UCP system according to the needs of your business. Your team will always be able to access the latest features and you can simply add new devices as your team develops.

UCP and 1000i systems


office team

On-premise reliability.

Your UCP solution can provide the resilience you need at any time. Modular architecture means that your system is not compromised if maintenance is required on one section. Geographic redundancy means that you’ll always have a backup if an outage hits your area.

Collaborative Features.

The iPECS ONE platforms allow your staff to work in a way that suits them, even on the go. Instant messaging has a huge amount of use for teams who need to work effectively while outside the office. Your UCP solution is compatible with the iPECS UC portfolio.

Redefine customer communications.

iPECS ONE is powered by Web RTC. This service allows for calls and video conferences to be accessed through a single link. With no downloads or installations required, just click the link on any device or browser and begin the call. This has the potential to reshape the way we host customer communications. 

helpful resources.

There are a whole host of useful technical resources available to help teams learn how to use their new iPECS systems. We have all of these resources listed here on our website, so even if you have been working with iPECS for a while, take a look and learn something new. 



The new flagship series of handsets, designed for ease of use, functionality and professionalism.


The UCP allows teams of 5 or 500 to stay working at their best within their office or data centre.

ip call recording

The ideal solution for user training. iPECS offers a robust call recording solution that will allow you to unobtrusively record and store calls for future reference.


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