Business-focused mobile packages to keep you moving​

Exclusively catering to the business market, the Network Communications Group understand the communications challenges that teams of any size and scale face, and we’re committed to delivering solutions. That’s why our business mobile services feature phones, tariffs and support that help you focus on your business, whilst we handle the communications.

We are in a prime position to offer businesses:

  • Tailored mobile packages – We offer a truly bespoke service designed around the individual needs of your teams.
  • Competitive tariffs – On the best mobile providers around, to guarantee you a great mobile connection that doesn’t break the bank.
  • A choice of main network providers – We have great partnerships with some of the best network providers around to make sure that your team gets the best deal.
  • The latest handsets – We only work with the best systems available to make sure that your team is equipped for success.

Our highly competitive offers will give you the opportunity to enjoy a truly reliable business mobile experience, with extra features built in as standard.

Key Features & Benefits

  • If you are in an area with poor mobile coverage on your primary network, MultiNet connects you to the strongest network in the area.
  • This means that no matter where your team is working, you’ll always receive full mobile coverage.
  • This is ideal for staff who have to communicate on the go, making it perfect for your sales team or remote workers.
  • Voice quality over mobile is crystal clear and better than a traditional landline, meaning your call experience won’t drop whilst you are on the move.
  • By taking advantage of our mobile solutions, Remote workers can guarantee call quality that doesn’t fall short of the experience they have in the office.
  • 4G is still the leading standard when it comes to connectivity, guaranteeing you a great user experience in just about any location.
  • High data speeds that will provide you with a consistent connection.
  • 5G is on its way and we’ll be here to help you get devices that are compatible with this new network once it is widely available.
  • Our business voicemail service comes with great functionality that will keep your customers informed whenever they call.
  • Featuring personalised greetings whether you are available or out of hours.
  • Extended message time means a caller can leave a message for up to 6 minutes – 50% longer than other voicemail platforms.
  • With over 570 networks in 190 countries, you can stay connected no matter where you are working.
  • Wide coverage allows you to make your business truly global.
  • Receive data every 15 minutes for both UK and roamed data.
  • Make sure your team always stay informed about where a call is coming from, allowing you to refine customer service processes.
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