Fraud protection

Keep your business safe from Telecoms fraud

Did you know that telephony fraud is now bigger than credit card fraud worldwide and is rising, so with this in mind the Network Communications Group offer all of our customers the greatest level of protection in order to avoid these potential problems.
  • We will automatically cut off any phone number with usage of £500
    (if your phone number(s) spends more than £500 in 24 hours on traffic which is not UK geographic or UK mobile, it will automatically be disconnected – don’t worry connecting back is easily done!)
  • Guarantee the charge limit on any breaches
    (if the 24 hour threshold is breached, you will not be liable for usage above £500)
  • Automated notification of any disconnection
    (in the event of any of your numbers being disconnected, we will send you an email to notify you that a block has been applied. We can remove the block if required)

Telecommunications will typically be the fourth largest expense on your profit and loss sheet. What’s more, telecoms fraud is booming; according to the Forum for International Irregular Network Access (FINNA), organised crime is making £40 billion a year from telecoms fraud.

The Challenge

In today’s business environment, security is of vital importance, extending to traditional voice networks as well as converged voice and data networks. Exposure to breaches of security is growing throughout the telecoms industry and here we’ll detail some of the threats customers are currently facing with specific reference to telephone toll fraud issues, followed with some solutions we can offer.

Toll Fraud Facts

  • Unsecured maintenance ports on telephone systems can provide a back door into corporate networks
  • Regular audits are one of the most effective approaches to improving and maintaining the security of a telephone system
  • Call logging and alerting solutions can often provide valuable early warning of an attack on your telephone system
  • Formalising and maintaining a regular testing plan will prove valuable in measuring the integrity of telephone systems
  • The failure to implement and enforce a voicemail password policy is one of the most common vulnerabilities exploited by hackers. Formalising and maintaining a regular password change policy is imperative
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How can I protect my business?

Receive a comprehensive analysis of your telephone system’s security profile with our security audit.