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Oak Innovation.

Innovative call recording and analytics services.

Keeping businesses performing with a variety of useful insights.

There are a variety of services that can make your communications system truly exceptional. Oak Innovation provides the solutions that make this happen. With a variety of integrations, Oak systems give your business the added insight it needs.

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Clarify for MS Teams.

Teams has been a valuable service for many businesses over recent years but there are some features where it needs some extra help. Clarify allows you to record Teams calls, store them for future reference and analyse them with staff.

With Clarify you can even record video, chat and share screens. Call Recording is the ultimate business training tool, allowing your team to work at their best with the latest solutions.


Call reporting.

Oak provides you with a full suite of analytics that can enhance the way you work. With a complete wallboard view providing you with all the information you need to see, you can view missed calls, your busiest times and your best performers.

Call Reporting is also your best defence against the increasing rise of phone fraud, spot unusual activity at a glance and resolve situations before they negatively impact you.


Call Control.

Take an active approach to your communication management with Oak’s range of call control features. Reduce customer wait times with the ability to move calls between different groups in your team, prioritise VIP callers, and bring remote or users from other locations back online to tackle sudden spikes in traffic.

Being able to react quickly to any situation is the sign of a business with real versatility. Call control features can help you here.


Benefits of oak innovation services.

Tailored to your industry.

Every sector has uses for Call Recording, but for some it is essential. In the financial sector the tightening of regulations means that capturing every conversation associated with a transaction is important.

Retail and tourism businesses need to ensure that customer service is up to standard, and that staff are protected. While healthcare and professional services need to be able to ensure compliance or resolve misunderstandings.

Oak’s systems allow you to connect your communications to these services, creating a bespoke technology suite that makes your lives easier.

All the information you need.

Your one stop solution for your entire communications infrastructure, your wallboard contains every detail you need to know about your system.

From which agents are performing at their best, to any calls that may have slipped through the cracks. Your wallboard gives you a clear picture, allowing for true fluid working.

Prioritise Security.

Telecoms fraud is on the rise, being able to identify and track unusual activity allows you to stay ahead of bad actors.

Your call reporting solution will help you to spot things that aren’t quite right; whether it’s unexpected international calls, a high volume of traffic during out of hours times or anything else. Our support team can help you to make the most of this functionality.

helpful resources.

There are a whole host of useful technical resources available to help teams learn how to use their new Oak solutions. We have all of these resources listed here on our website, so even if you have been working with Oak for a while, take a look and learn something new. 

Capture every conversation.

Clarify helps organisations to meet compliance requirements, resolve disputes and improve customer experience by securely capturing and storing all Microsoft Teams communications. Quality management and speech analytics options are available to extend Clarify’s capabilities by providing insight to drive better decision making.


Teams Clarify

Clarify allows you to record Teams calls, store them for future reference and analyse them alongside staff.


Call Recording

Call Recording is the ultimate business training tool, allowing your team to work at their best with the latest solutions.


Call Reporting

A wallboard view provides you with all the information you need, view missed calls, your busy periods and your best performers.



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