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Unified Communications.

Solutions that will bring together all of your strategic communications.

Improve productivity by integrating with multiple sites and remote workers.

The Network Communications Group provides Unified Communications solutions bringing together multiple applications. These include Voice, Video, Instant Messaging and other desktop applications which are accessed from one simple and easy to use platform across a range of devices. Access your business tools from any location worldwide.

Transform the way your team handles collaboration with UC.

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Key Features.

CRM Integrations.

Our comprehensive UC platforms are set-up to integrate with all major CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications. Allowing you to monitor and measure staff productivity while improving customer experience. Help your team to work with the best business tools available.


One of the unique features within the communications platform is Call Presence. This provides you with instant access to your whole Teams status at a glance eg.
• Available
• Busy
This improves call handling and benefits your customers’ experience by allowing you to deliver the call to the relevant person, ensuring customer questions are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Creating a collaborative environment within your organisation will massively benefit office based and remote staff.

Voice, Video, Messaging.

Easily accessed high-quality voice or video calls directly through the UC platform. Just click or tap on a colleague’s name or group to initiate a call. This allows you to get in touch quickly and easily, no matter what device you are working from.

If your team need a quick question answered or are on a customer call, UC also features instant messaging functionality that allows them to communicate and share information with ease, improving customer experience.

File Sharing.

The file and screen sharing functionality embedded within UC allows the user to provide webinars, view and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations and images in real-time with multiple team members or customers. This enables collaboration regardless of location.

Using the UC’s platform’s comprehensive suite, users can connect with the office like never before!

Benefits of unified communications.

Video calling.

Video calls are becoming increasingly important to maintain a face-to-face relationship with customers and staff. UC facilitates one to one calls simply and efficiently regardless of the device; Desktop, Mobile, Laptop or Tablet. UC allows you to easily host a video call whenever required.

Instant Messaging.

More than just texting, instant messaging with UC keeps your team connected.

Instant messaging can be the perfect tool for assisting customer service processes, message your team quickly and discretely to handle customer queries in a professional manner allowing you to record messages for future reference.

Visual Voicemail.

UC allows the user to retrieve voicemails from any device. Visual Voicemail shows customer information through the UC interface, so you can easily keep track of who is calling and how you can best respond. Set a default voice message list on your visual voicemail service, so you know which calls are the most urgent.

Prioritise Teamwork.

With UC you can always stay connected with your clients or colleagues. Setting up a group chat is incredibly easy and an efficient way to integrate staff operations. Whether hosting meetings within your department or requiring information on a particular client quickly, group chats are the perfect alternative way to communicate.

“The iPECS system has allowed us to programme any phone, how I want it to work. When we introduced the handsets to the team, they were absolutely delighted. They’re easy to use and they are flexible. Especially when you have staff who rely on their phone to do their business, it’s got to be a reliable and flexible system, that’s exactly what the iPECS system provides”.

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