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Business Continuity.

Who knows what the future holds?

Keep your business running at all times, Business Continuity allows you to support your customers in any situation.

Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery is a communication service for businesses that provides online access to a full range of call routing, monitoring and managing tools to deliver perfect customer service in any circumstance.

No matter whether you experience a network failure or downtime, bad weather, security alerts, or just aren’t available to answer a call, our communications service has disaster recovery built in.

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Key Features.

Divert Calls.

Call Diversion allows you to reroute calls to an alternative number automatically if you can’t reach your office communications service. You can divert calls to a landline or mobile number, meaning you can stay ready to communicate wherever you are.

With Call Divert enabled, only your alternate number will ring, so there is no need for manual routing, it does it all for you.

Data Centre Resilience.

Our Cloud services are supported by our robust data centres. These provide your team with an extra guarantee should there be an outage in your area.

This means that none of the data on your network will be lost and your team can work easier from home if your office is inaccessible.

Time of Day Routing.

Create an automatic process to route calls between different numbers based on the time of day. Time of Day Routing is compatible with a range of devices, from mobile to IP phones, so your team can communicate at any time.

This system allows you and your team to take important calls even when your business is closed, or you need to work outside of normal hours.

Automatic Call Distribution.

Automatic Call Distribution or ACD allows you to automatically direct incoming calls to a particular person or department within your business.

Intelligently reroute calls to the most appropriate person for each customer. This is vital for contact centres but can have a variety of uses for any team.

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Smart Announcements.

Keep your customers informed as soon as they dial in. Auto attendant services can often answer a customer’s query before they even reach your staff.

You can even personalise your announcements to suit your business. Open with a friendly greeting or your latest marketing campaign.

Benefits of Business Continuity.

Enable fluid work.

Working from home can be incredibly effective if you have policies in place to support it.

If you can’t be in the office then just reroute your calls to your mobile or other personal device, this will allow you and your team to continue to work should you experience network downtime.

Never miss a call.

Even if you can’t reach your office communications service, you can still answer your calls. Whether it is rerouting calls to your personal device or a colleague who is available.

A Business Continuity service makes what was once a huge challenge for businesses simple.

Simple Interface.

All of your call statistics are managed through one intuitive interface that you can access quickly and easily.

Call information is presented clearly, so nothing is missed and you can effectively use this data to improve your call processes.

Stay in control.

A Business Continuity plan gives you peace of mind when difficult circumstances arise.

Ensure your customers are supported by gaining a clear view of how calls are handled, even when you aren’t in the office. Keeping track of incoming and outbound calls is very beneficial to your business’ security as well.

“The iPECS system has allowed us to programme any phone, how I want it to work. When we introduced the handsets to the team, they were absolutely delighted. They’re easy to use and they are flexible. Especially when you have staff who rely on their phone to do their business, it’s got to be a reliable and flexible system, that’s exactly what the iPECS system provides”.

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