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With cloud and hosted phone systems, your communications are hosted and powered by a robust and remote cloud infrastructure and are accessed globally through the internet.

They provide the same reliable and feature-rich communication experience as locally installed software but can be installed and updated quickly and easily.  Our cloud and hosted solutions are the ideal alternative to a traditional on-premise phone system for any business that needs flexibility and functionality above all.

An easy to use online interface handles all of your calls, featuring a wide range of tools for communication that you would expect from a truly modern phone system.  Cloud phones utilise a dashboard to allow for quick and convenient access of key information such as call history and voicemail.

The biggest draw of cloud and hosted systems is their flexibility. You can access your office phone system from any device, anywhere with an internet connection.  This facilitates a new kind of work and helps to move your business forwards.

Key Features & Benefits

  • A cloud phone system provides a range of call handling features that can help to organise your call experience.
  • With tools such as call recording, conference calls and services that let you manage your entire phone system from one portal.  Taking your business communications to the cloud allows you to be more versatile and efficient.
  • Our experienced team will help you find the features that you need and help to find the right system for you.
  • Call forwarding is one of a hosted cloud system’s biggest plus points.  It allows to take calls even when you’re away from your office phone system.
  • Forward calls easily from your cloud phone to a laptop, smartphone or home phone, so you can stay connected with customers and colleagues wherever you are.
  • Call queuing allows you to manage customer calls in a quick and intuitive way, to take the stress out of your support services.
  • With a hosted phone system, you can receive free site-to-site calls.  Allowing you to keep your entire business connected.
  • Calling over the internet using a cloud hosted system is also far less expensive than standard fixed lines, offering much cheaper call rates for your entire team.
  • Don’t tie your business down with expensive and impractical hardware. Cloud hosted systems are portable and don’t require any costly installations.
  • Connecting workers across multiple sites can be a big struggle for many businesses. Cloud phones make it easy!
  • Eliminate the need for costly hardware and outdated lines, whilst also saving money and time that would have been spent installing and updating your phone system
  • Support direct transfers between locations.
  • Keep the same number no matter the environment you are working in, keeping your communications simple and easy.
  • Straightforward call forwarding allows you to transfer calls from your office phone to just about any device you want, allowing you to handle calls remotely from your smartphone or laptop, using your office phone number.
  • An easy interface gives you greater control of how you organise your calls, no matter where you are working.
  • If something goes wrong and you can’t access the office, your hosted system can divert calls to a designated number, so you can always stay in contact with customers and colleagues.
  • If one person isn’t available, you can direct their calls to an allocated member of staff using a cloud system, providing your customers with consistency and creating business continuity.
  • Even if the internet goes down, you can still communicate effectively by transferring your calls and work to a personal device.
  • From a workhorse phone to get an entire team communicating effectively, to an executive system with an extensive suite of features.  NetComms can provide you with the right hosted cloud solution.

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Network Communications is extremely proud to have won an iPECS Innovation Award for our Cloud & Hosted solutions. Our team has over 30 years of experience in the telecoms field and are always on hand to help you find the right communications system for your business.

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