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Communications for the property industry

It’s a time of change for the property industry. The demand for housing is greater than ever. Initiatives such as the stamp duty holiday, and first-time buyer support have also encouraged people to the property ladder. The past 18 months have been extraordinarily busy.

With each customer interaction potentially being worth thousands to your business, you need to make every call count. Provide a bespoke service for your existing customers when they call. But remain available and providing a professional approach for potential new clients.

This is where we can help at Netcomms. We have over 35 years of experience providing communications for the property industry. In this time, we’ve seen the industry change in a number of ways and have provided solutions to keep property businesses working at their best. Here are some of the services that we think can make a real difference for businesses.

CRM Integration – Always provide a warm welcome

When you answer the phone to existing customers, it’s important that your team can provide a service that shows your professionalism and level of care. Often your staff will be able to remember individual customers, but this will be after the customer has introduced themselves. If you utilise technology to back up your customer service, you can stand out from your competitors.

Our cloud communications services integrate with over 60 major CRMs. This includes very popular services like Salesforce but also property specific tools like Reapit and Expert Agent. The data from these services, be it additional contact details or information about their specific property requirements are then listed on your communications service and will be displayed when they call your team. This allows you to greet each customer by name and have a clear understanding of their case before you have to ask them for the information.

Members of your team can also collaborate by adding relevant details to the CRM. Their colleagues can then access any time via their communication service.

Call Management – Treat your VIPs right

Part of providing the best service for your customers is making sure that you can always respond when they need you to. Especially in the fast-paced property market, it’s crucial that you’re not wasting any time. We know that your team won’t be able to answer every call, so our call management service can help.

Our Horizon communications platform can be augmented with a variety of management features. Your staff can view customers waiting in the queue, and also if there are VIPs that need to be pushed to the front. Optionally, an auto-attendant service can quickly let customers know their position in the queue. They can decide whether to wait or call back later.

Analytics – Improve your service moving forwards

The best way to improve your customer service is by assigning staff and resources to the right departments according to real data. This is provided by our call analytics platform. This service sends you customised reports on a schedule that suits you and provides you with insights into every aspect of your customer service. From your busiest times of day to which individual members of your team are likely to be getting overwhelmed with calls.

This allows you to better assign resources and people moving forward. This also allows you to quickly check up on any of your remote staff to make sure they’re still working at their best and most importantly aren’t feeling isolated.

UC Mobile App – Supporting team collaboration

Working on the go is more important for the property industry than nearly any other. Every estate agent is likely to have staff working out in the field, conducting viewings, or meeting potential clients. It is crucial that these staff can stay connected with the colleagues in the office as well as respond professionally to any new customers.

This is where our UC Mobile App can help. UC or unified communications is a service that combines all the communication tools you use every day, calls, messages, and video conferences into a single app. It’s complete with all your business contacts and the CRM data we mentioned earlier. This means that remote staff can respond to each client just as well as they would be able to in the office.

This service allows you to stay in touch with agents on the go and creates opportunities for video tours and more!

Call Routing – Connect multi-sites

A common communication issue for estate agents is that they often work across multiple sites, but have different phone systems. This means that they can’t stay connected and essentially function as two separate businesses. Our Cloud communication services can bring teams together.

If each of your offices are working on the same cloud system then you can programme calls to be distributed across multiple sites. In the case that one team becomes overwhelmed. Staff in the office receiving these calls know that they are being sent from another branch and can respond accordingly, while customers won’t tell the difference.

This combined with our collaborative features can massively expand your communication abilities.

For more information on any of these services, get in touch at 0800 298 6022.