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Construction, Logistics and how your communications can help

Communications is an essential part of any business in the construction or logistics sector. For many businesses here, communications aren’t just a matter of convenience or customer service, it’s part of how you keep your team safe.

We understand the need for versatile and reliable communications services for these businesses, and our services can help. In today’s blog we’ll cover some of the services that we’ve provided to construction and logistics businesses around the UK. These systems, services and features can improve your site’s safety, internal collaboration and customer support.

DECT handsets

In the logistics sector, the vast majority of businesses are split in two. There is usually an office-based team and those in the warehouse or on the move elsewhere. Teams are often moving between these locations, but always need to be able to communicate reliably. This is where out range of cordless DECT handsets can help.

These phones are ideal for staff who aren’t working at their desk 8 hours a day. They connect to your WiFi network and your existing communication service. This means that you can quickly access your office contacts whenever you need to. When we provide the DECT handsets, we’ll also strategically place repeaters and base stations to ensure that their connectivity never runs out.

We offer a variety of DECT handsets based on your needs. Many now have a standby battery life of over 24 hours! They also come equipped with a variety of features designed for staff on the move. They include a ruggedised rubber exterior and ‘man down’ alarms that alert colleagues when a phone falls in an unusual position. Whether you’re on site, outside or on the go, DECT systems can support your construction or logistics team.


Following on from portable handsets, we know how important reliable connectivity is around a construction or logistics site. Your team need to be reachable quickly in the case of an emergency, and you need to remain available to your clients no matter where you work. This is where our WiFi access points can be incredibly valuable.

We’ve partnered with Ubiquiti to provide reliable WiFi access points for the construction and logistics industries. These access points can be strategically placed around your site to ensure coverage and high-speed connections never drop out. This means if you’re working on a mobile or DECT phone, you can move across your site while on a call and know that you’ll still be able to guarantee a clear audio quality.

These access points are discrete and can be installed around older sites where traditional cabling methods aren’t possible. They are also durable, and we have provided them for several outdoor sites.

Call recording

Every business needs to keep clear records of interactions with their customers. This is especially true of construction and logistics teams who often work with orders that can be worth thousands and have to be very precise. You keep and store paper records, so why not keep records of phone conversations too? With our call recording service, you can.

Call recording is an optional extra that you can add to your communication service. It can automatically record every customer call or can be switched on at the push of a button. Calls are stored securely in a cloud database, that you or your team can then search through by date, agent, or customer.

You can use this service to refer to recorded calls as and when you need to. Repeatedly calling back customers to check their specifications is unlikely to fill them with confidence so call recording is incredibly valuable here. It also allows you to essentially keep a digital signature that you can use in future interactions. It’s great for settling any disputes should they arise.

UC Mobile Apps

While DECT handsets are great for moving around your business, sometimes nothing beats the versatility of a mobile phone. We can cater to your team’s needs here as well.

Our powerful unified communications platforms work just as well on a mobile as they do on your PC, Mac or laptop. These services give you access to your full range of business contacts, and the ability to call, message or host video conferences. You can also receive calls through this service, meaning customers can reach your team when working remotely. When customers call, they can use your usual number and there’s no loss in audio quality.

We can offer UC applications from top UK communications providers on your mobile. So your team are never left at a disadvantage when on the move.

CRM Integration

Teams in the construction and logistics sector use a variety of different specialist services when managing their customer service. Our communication services can integrate alongside a huge variety of them to unlock some helpful new functionality.

For the construction sector we can work alongside services such as Pegasus and Sales Achiever. For logistics we can work with Asgard, Openda SAP and more. We also integrate alongside the most popular services such as Salesforce. This means that when customers call in, you can see their CRM details through an on-screen pop up. Similarly, any new contact details taken from your phone system can automatically populate your CRM records.

For more information about any of the services mentioned here, give us a call at 020 8293 0100.