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Cyber essentials & cyber essentials plus.

Protect your organisation against a range of cyber attacks.

What are Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus?

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials plus are government-backed accreditation schemes designed to help businesses protect themselves from cybersecurity threats.

The basic Cyber Essentials is a self-assessment, whereby businesses must assess their security for the 5 key security controls.

Once complete, you have the option to get a certified assessor to validate these results.

Cyber Essentials Plus follows the same process as the basic accreditation, with an added physical assessment of your systems by an external, independent expert.

Why do businesses need Cyber Essentials for cybersecurity?

Cyber threats are everywhere, and they’re set to increase. Cyber Essentials certifies that your organisation is protected against common cybersecurity threats such as ransomware, phishing and malware.

Cyber Essentials could also be the difference that wins you a lucrative business contract, as many organisations require their suppliers to be certified.

How we can help you obtain Cyber Essentials

Network Communications Group are able to help your business navigate the accreditation process and achieve certification.

Our qualified Cyber Essentials consultants make certification a quick and simple process, providing on-hand support for the self-assessment questionnaire as well as providing in-depth guidance throughout the 5 technical controls. IT is often an unknown, and without proper guidance, organisations could find the Cyber Essentials framework confusing and convoluted. Not only this, but it can be a time consuming process.

We’re committed to achieving you a first-time pass, getting you certified quickly. With years of experience, we’ll make sure you’ve set the right parameters for a streamlined and stress-free process, working with you from start to finish. Our team run tests, perform an internal vulnerability scan, review your workstation build and system configuration.

Key benefits of cyber essentials.

Demonstrate your commitment to cybersecurity to your customers, promoting your business as trustworthy and proactive when it comes to cyber hygiene.

Display your Cyber Essentials certification on marketing material and websites to help build your reputation and win new business.

Get a thorough understanding of your security processes, policies and procedures. This internal audit will highlight areas of weakness and gaps in your cybersecurity strategy.

A minimum level of security across your systems, network and devices gives you a strong foundation from which to build and maintain robust cyber defences.

The accreditation lays the foundation and opens doors to other compliance and industry regulations, including GDPR certification and ISO 27001.

The accreditation can enhance insurance terms, making it easier to claim on losses.

Be listed on the Directory of organisations awarded Cyber Essentials.

Organisations with a turnover under £20m that achieve basic level Cyber Essentials certification are entitled to Cyber Liability Insurance covering up to £25,000 (terms apply).

Cyber Essentials Plus offers independent, external evaluation making this certification highly regarded, meeting a high compliance standard.

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