Disaster Recovery

Thousands of businesses fail each year as the result of unplanned disruptions – don’t let it be you​

Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity is a telephony service that provides online access to a full range of call routing, monitoring and managing tools to empower any business to deliver perfect customer service in the event of a network failure or downtime, bad weather, security alerts, or busy no answer!

With Inbound you will have access to emergency call plan features or the Network Communications Group can tailor call routing to meet your specific business requirements.

Key features & benefits​

  • optimise and iterate
  • connect to your business
  • full flexibility
  • full call distribution
  • announcements
  • analyse and optimise
  • quick and easy access
  • with divert on busy/ no answer/ line failure
  • easily create inbound call routing plans
Control your risks - Act now