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How businesses can provide better service to their most important customers

Customer service is more important to businesses now than ever before. In the world of TripAdvisor and Yelp, if your customer service is not up to scratch, then there can be some disappointing results. Customer service isn’t just based around how you treat your customers in your shop or during your sales process, it’s how you answer their calls and the way you treat them in an online service environment.

With all of this being said, some customers are more important than others. This sounds like a strange thing to say but bear with us.

Repeat customers drive a more significant proportion of many business’ income than newcomers. Bringing people back and providing a winning service is extremely important. VIPs don’t just have to be people that you want to keep on your good side. Sometimes urgent callers need to reach your team quickly, whether this is a crucial support call or an emergency, businesses need ways to prioritise these interactions.

Thankfully there is technology that can help here. Modern communication systems can be tailored to your business’ individual needs. At Netcomms we’re here to explain some key features of modern phone systems that can revolutionise your customer service processes.

Intuitive Call Management

Without an effective call management system, your team is likely to be overwhelmed during peak hours. Customer service will not be as effective as it could be. A call management solution allows you to improve response times using call data to make sure you have the right resources ready to help.

The way that this is done is by presenting you with the data you need at a glance. Our call management solutions can be displayed in a wallboard format. This can be broadcast onto a screen in your office and provides the most important stats. This could be anything from the best response times to average handling times. When priority customers dial in, this is shown on the wallboard. This means your team are all aware of their presence and can respond accordingly.

This service can also notify you of any calls that are missed and the ID of those missed. From here you can quickly follow up and guarantee that VIP customers are called back quickly. Giving your team full insight into your customers experience provides the right kind of incentive to make the necessary improvements.

Integration with CRM tools

Most industries use software databases to manage their relationships with customers. These CRM systems are designed to keep you informed about each of your customer’s requirements, so no assumptions have to be made. Previously these were helpful tools but when combined with your communications they can be revolutionary.

Our systems integrate with the most well-known CRMs but also alongside specialist ones for many industries such as property and healthcare. This unlocks services such as screen-popping, which displays a customer’s details as soon as they dial in. From here you can greet them by name and have a clear understanding of their specific needs.

This service can flag priority customers so your team know what to expect when they answer, whether it is an urgent medical situation or your biggest customer.

It also allows you to call them back far quicker if you need to follow-up on an initial call. You can simply search for a customer’s name in your communication system, find the details listed by their CRM and initiate a call by clicking on their number.

Features for Greater Efficiency

We all like it when getting in touch with a business is a simple process. Our services strive to make it as easy as possible to give VIPs and other callers a winning experience.

One of the most important changes that you can take advantage of is automated verification. Verifying your ID can be a pain, especially when you have to do it with every person you encounter on your customer journey. Our systems can handle this process automatically. This means that VIP customers don’t have to repeat themselves every time they try to reach your team.

Finally, you can also take full control of your queue. If a VIP customer is waiting at the back, then your system will automatically bump them up the list. Similarly, auto-attendant can ask if a customer enquiry is particularly urgent, and instantly route them to the person best suited to their needs. You can also direct customers immediately to the user they last spoke to, creating a more personal experience.

We hope that this blog has opened your eyes to the customer service opportunities that are created with the right communications platform. For more information about any of these solutions, visit our website or give the Netcomms team a call on 0800 298 6022