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How can business mobiles help your industry?

No two businesses work in the exact same way. When you take two different businesses from two separate industries, the difference in the way that they operate can be profound. We know that builders and staff in a care home will not have much overlap in their day-to-day work, but there is some overlap in the tools that they use.

Modern business technology can be configured to suit the needs of a huge variety of teams. From productivity software to customer management services, to your communications, nearly every service can be advantageous if it is used correctly. At Netcomms, we believe that one of the standout pieces of technology that nearly every team can make the most of is their mobile phones.

Smartphones have the potential to be your hub for nearly every aspect of your business. Whether you’re in the office or working remotely, we’re here to guide you through how business mobiles can help benefit the way you work.

Care and healthcare – Get the data you need wherever you are

The care sector has had an incredibly challenging past 18 months. There has been many changes to working practices in order to provide a high standard of care as well and to ensure that staff aren’t overwhelmed. We think that making use of business mobiles can make a real difference here.

Our business mobiles can synchronise alongside the rest of your communication system. This means any alerts and calls will be sent to staff from any location. Without a mobile solution, there is often a struggle to reach a desktop phone when it rings, especially if staff are busy. Similarly, staff can confirm the needs of patients directly from their room or ward through their mobiles. This allows for faster response times, getting patients back on their feet quicker.

Property & Professional Services – Professionalism on the go

Estate agents and other professional service teams are always looking to add that extra shine to their service. Whether that’s a new shopfront or website, there’s always room for a little bit of extra professionalism.

A business mobile plan can help to provide this. When combined with a call routing service, you can use your mobiles as an extension of your business’ communications system. This means that if any of your staff are working on the move, they can take any calls that come into their office number from their mobile. This switch is completely seamless, and the customer will not know the difference. This makes it simple and easy to provide the same great level of customer care from any working environment.

Retail – Respond to any situation

Retail staff often face uniquely challenging working environments. in large shop floors or crowded areas, reaching a desktop phone can be difficult, especially in a hurry. Other portable communication services can be expensive and unreliable, so why not try staff mobiles?

Mobiles, alongside a unified communication service, allows your staff to be ready to handle calls from anywhere on your premises. It also means that managers can quickly message any staff and respond to any situation with much greater efficiency. Whether it is a customer in need or anything else, have confidence that you and your team can stay informed.

Engineering and support – Always get the full picture

Support staff and engineers in the field can often feel like they are left in the dark. If the business communications that support them are not up to scratch. Responding to customer issues can be incredibly challenging if you’re going in blind. Business mobiles allow you to solve this issue with ease.

Not only does a messaging solution allow you to share crucial details at the push of a button, but when you combine business mobiles with a UC service, you can access video conferencing. This allows you to demo products, and provide the clearest possible picture of any technical issues.

Events and Construction – Work in any environment

Communications technology can often be hindered by open environments. Whether it is a festival, wedding venue, golf course, or construction site, when it is difficult to reach a building your team will likely end up missing a lot of calls. As you might have predicted from the rest of this blog, mobiles can help here too.

Being able to reliably contact any member of staff, no matter their whereabouts on the premises can be a lifesaver. Golf courses can be updated on conditions by their groundskeepers instantly. Staff at events can reliably reach the rest of their team if they need some extra support. In these environments, mobiles should be complemented by a reliable connectivity service. At Netcomms we can provide network access points that can keep open spaces reliably connected. Click here to view our connectivity services.

If you’d like to find out more about business mobiles, or any of the other services mentioned here, get in touch with our team at 0800 298 6022