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How to guarantee customer satisfaction on the first call

Customer service is more important to businesses than ever. Customers are visiting businesses less than ever before in favour of finding the services they need online, leading to lots of changes in what businesses prioritise. Websites need to be inviting, advertising needs to be targeted and customer service second-to-none.

There’s a lot to consider when creating a winning customer service process. You need to have systems in place to ensure that your existing customers receive the same winning experience as your sales prospects. A huge part of this involves your communications system. The way you greet new customers and build upon your service for existing ones is crucial to success.

At Netcomms we have recognised the new challenges that businesses are facing in getting the right balance. Customers don’t want to call a business twice to resolve their query, and won’t wait on hold forever. That’s why we’ve worked to help businesses access technology that can help. In this blog we’ll explore the features of a new communications platform that can help guarantee customer satisfaction on the first call.

Make sure no calls are missed

This sounds like an obvious step, but depending on your industry it can be absolutely vital. Teams working in sectors where individual orders can cost tens of thousands, such as property or financial services, need to guarantee that every call is answered. The best way to do this is through an organised call management process.

Modern communications platforms allow you to ensure every call is answered through features such as call divert. This service does exactly what it says, diverts calls, but it does it in an intelligent way. When calls come in, your system will route them to the team or individuals best suited to handle them. This can either be your sales team for new enquiries, your tech team for support, or even just the person the customer last spoke to. This stops customers from being lost in the process.

Your call management service will also provide you with all the statistics you need to improve your call handling process into the future. Through this platform users can see how many calls have been missed at any one time. Allowing you to dial back and ensure that any leads aren’t lost.

Access the data you need quickly

Customers don’t like to repeat themselves. The chances are, if any existing customer dials in to your business, you already have some information about them that could be helpful. Whether it’s information about them or the services they use, it’s likely stored on your CRM.

We recognise the value that CRMs can have for a variety of industries and that’s why our communications platform integrates perfectly with the major brands and the more specialist platforms alike; this opens up a range of new useful features.

The first is click-to-call. This allows you to initiate a call directly through the CRM. The second and potentially most important is screen-popping. This service presents data from your CRM as soon as a customer dials in. From here you can greet a customer by name and understand their unique circumstances instantly. This means no more repeat questions and gives you a better chance of resolving their enquiry first time.

Let your system support you

The best communication services are the ones that augment your usual processes, and even take the stress out of some things; that’s what we strive to achieve here at Netcomms.

Our systems feature a variety of automated features that make life easier for you and your customers. If you’re experiencing a few busy hours, an auto-attendant can answer to callers, letting them know where they are in the queue. It can also provide the answers to some of the more frequently answered questions. This means some customers could reach a satisfying answer before they even reach your team.

Finally, our systems can also automate the process of identity verification. This means that customers no longer need to reel off their personal details every time they speak to someone new. So, say goodbye to first name, date of birth and security questions. This allows you to save time and keep your customers happy.

We hope that these tips have given you some ideas on how you can best improve your call processes. The technology that powers each of these changes is all available here at Netcomms. Our helpful team can show you the services that can best assist your team. Our solutions all support scalability too, so you can maintain quality customer service, even as your operation expands.

To find out more about how to guarantee customer satisfaction on the first call, get in touch with our team at 0800 298 6022