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How to stop calls from being missed, 5 key solutions

Every call matters for your business. From prospective customers making their first enquiry, to long term loyal clients, to the courier waiting outside the office. You or your team need to be able to respond reliably.

At Netcomms we’ve provided communications to a wide variety of industries for the past 30 years. In this time, minimising missed calls has been one of the most important priorities for nearly every business. For many teams this is just a matter of providing a better customer service or staying organised. But for some like those within the property sector, it can mean potentially losing thousands of pounds for each call missed.

Thankfully, there are a range of communication and IT services now available that can help you to prevent calls being missed. That also mitigate the impact of any that do slip through. Here are 5 solutions that almost any business can make the most of.

Voicemail to Email

‘Voicemail to email’ is an application that sends any voicemails from your communication service directly to your email inbox. It includes an attached media file of the whole voicemail. This allows you to get a clear view of any missed calls at a glance. It even allows you to forward any voicemails to other members of your team to help them stay in the loop and to make sure that the most appropriate staff member responds to each customer.

Another voicemail service that we support here at Netcomms is visual voicemail, included in our unified communications platforms. This service allows you to view all your voicemails immediately, with relevant contact information matched to each of them. If you’d like to make a call back, simply click the number and you can get in touch.

Call Queue Management

This might be the most important solution mentioned here and can cut the number of calls your business misses dramatically. A call queue stops customers from disconnecting when they don’t reach your team. Instead its pops them on hold until your team are ready. This feature prevents a huge number of calls being missed. But our call management service can even take this one step further.

Our call management platform shows you a clear view of your whole call queue and matches the contact data of each caller with the information from your CRM. This allows you to take a variety of actions. If you notice any VIP customers, then you can bump them up the list. If you notice an emergency call you can move it forward, or if you notice that the queue is just getting too long, assign some more members of your team to help.


Being able to proactively respond to any situation is an important part of providing great customer service. Our wallboard displays, from leading providers Akixi and iCall, create the perfect way for your whole team to clearly stay up to date. These services provide a simple and visually appealing representation of your most important call statistics.

Wallboards can be displayed to individual operators on their own personal devices. It not only allows them to see any missed calls or calls waiting to be handled, but it also allows them to make better time management decisions preventing more missed calls moving forward. You can even use a larger wallboard display to keep a whole group of team members informed.

Call Routing

Call routing, or Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is a feature designed specifically to stop your business from missing calls. This is a function of our communications platform which  sends any incoming calls to the most relevant users or groups.

For instance, any customer enquiries can be automatically routed to your sales team, and any support calls sent to your customer service team. If everyone in these groups are busy, the calls will then be routed to another available operator or even to an alternative site.

We can take this a step further though. If a member of your team knows that they will be working remotely, they can set up an automatic call route directly to their mobile. They can stay available at any time.

Unified Communications

At Netcomms we talk about Unified Communications (UC) a lot, and for good reason. Not only does it provide a huge amount of versatility for businesses, but it also allows your communications to keep working at their best, even in challenging circumstances.

You can access calls, video conferences and messaging through UC on a device of your choice. This allows staff to work just as well on their personal device at home as they can in the office. This means that if your office is unavailable, then your staff can simply pick up their work from home. Naturally this includes handling calls, and UC services can vastly reduce missed calls when staff are working remotely. UC adds an extra level of resilience to your service and that’s just one of the reasons why we love it.

To find out more about any of these services, visit our website or get in touch with a member of our team at 0800 298 6022.