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How Web RTC is Redefining Communications & IT

The term Web RTC has been bandied around tech circles for years now, but like many new technologies it has only produced tangible success recently, but what a success it has been. Unfortunately, despite its success there has been relatively little explanation about what Web RTC actually is and how it benefits businesses in real terms. That’s where we want to help.

Essentially, Web RTC takes the technology that powers our internet browsers, and uses them to host Real Time Communications, hence RTC. This means instead of working through separate communication systems, new services are cropping up that are fully internet-based. This technology was developed by Google and then released as open-source software for more businesses to work with.

The two organisations that have really taken this technology and run with it are communications giants Ericsson-LG and Gamma. Starting this year, both providers introduced Web RTC based services that have been an immediate success. In this blog we’ll explain what these services offer and how they could benefit your business in ways that a traditional communication service potentially couldn’t.

A new approach to customer service.

One of the greatest opportunities Web RTC offers businesses is to simplify the way they communicate with customers. During the past year, teams have had to find an alternative to meeting face-to-face with their customers in person; this led to the rise of video conferencing. Video calls are great, but there could be some improvements, that’s where Web RTC comes in.

Web RTC enabled services allows you to host your customer communications through your web browser. This means no installations or specialist hardware requirements for any external users. If you work with specialist communication services, you know what a game-changer this could be.

Say goodbye to talking customers through an installation process or waiting for them to figure out how to unmute themselves. With Web RTC software, you can send a link to a customer via your email. When clicked it will take them straight to the call on their internet browser. It is that simple. The stability of the web client is another huge plus point, allowing for consistent and high-quality communications for as long as you need.

Work together in a more intuitive way.

Remote collaboration has been something many businesses have struggled with in the past year. Whether it is getting used to more software or not having a clear enough picture of which of your colleagues are available to work with you, it’s easy to get left in the dark.

Web RTC provides teams with a better platform to work together using the technology that they work with every day, their web browser. You and your customers no longer have to battle with installations or compatibility issues. You can just start working on the device that’s most convenient to you.

This also frees up a huge amount of time for your support team. Now they don’t need to worry about rolling out complicated plug-ins to ensure that your communication software runs on every user’s device. Through Web RTC, your team can work in a way that suits them. This opens the door for potential Bring Your Own Device policies moving forward.

Expand your online offering.

As we’ve shown Web RTC makes it simpler than ever to access high quality communications from your browser. Now that it’s simple to access these services, it opens the door for more possibilities.

Web RTC allows businesses to reach a new range of potential customers. These customers previously would not have the equipment to successfully access webinars, consultancy, or online training sessions. In any industry, being able to simply broadcast your services or collaborate with users both internally and externally is vital.

90% of customers now find the services that they need online. Being able to simply re-establish that face-to-face connection with them through easy video conferencing could be the key to further success.

Although Web RTC is currently dedicated to quite a specific kind of visual communication, the service is expanding rapidly. This is due to its open API that allows individual businesses to develop their own tools to work alongside Web RTC. This has already paved the way for new features, such as livestreaming and new ways to share screens.

Find out what Web RTC can do for your team.

To summarise, the versatility that Web RTC enabled services offer businesses is extraordinary. It finally bridges the gap between a traditional communications system and the online experience.

Web RTC is now built at the heart of two of the most exciting new communication platforms on the market. The first is iPECS ONE, which comes from Ericsson-LG and is designed as the future of their unified communications offering. The second is Gamma’s Horizon Collaborate communications service. These two UC platforms have huge benefits to both internal collaboration and customer service.

To find out more about these platforms then get in touch. We can talk you through the benefits of each system and how they would best suit your business. Give us a call today at 08002986022.