Full solutions or standalone cabling services​

The Network Communications Group can design, install, manage and maintain cabling systems that can meet any and all requirements, fully guaranteed and future proof.

Whether you require structured cabling as part of a total solution or a standalone requirement, our infrastructure offers maximum flexibility for your computer and telephone networks with minimum engineering costs involved.

All hardware around your office has specific requirements in terms of bandwidth and speeds. These all have specific needs in terms of cabling to get them up and running. Depending on the different needs of your systems, sometimes only certain cables will work with them.

For instance, Cat5e cabling supports 1Gbps of data throughput, whereas newer Cat6 cables support 10Gbps, we can help you make sure that you have the right cabling installed so all of your operations continue to run smoothly.

The importance of this infrastructure can be seen when bad cabling goes wrong. Poor installations, materials or terminations can cause serious performance issues that can have real consequences for your business. Thankfully, our service is here to help make sure that you always stay connected in an efficient way.

Our Infrastructure Service Comes Features:

  • Cat5e and Cat6 cabling – Cat5e is greats for most offices, but a Cat6 connection is necessary if you need to operate audio visual services, CCTV or have particularly large files to transmit.
  • Single-mode & multi-mode fibre optics – We offer fibre solutions for any kind of business; multi-mode is great for data centres and are a more cost-effective approach to fibre. For more robust needs, single-mode fibre can cover massive distances and are great for businesses with multiple premises.
  • Wireless & microwave connectivity – A service that requires nothing but a power connection, it’s a great budget-friendly solution that can allow users in areas with a poor connection to access reliable broadband.
  • Any other vendor-specific wiring for services including standard voice transmissions, Ethernet, IMB, Unix, Wang & Apple – No matter what system you choose to use, we have got you covered. Our support team has years of experience dealing with a range of different connectivity solutions.
  • WiFi – Set up a secure wireless network for any of your premises, to access a fast and reliable internet connection. Connect offices in different locations using WAN.
Get in touch today and find out more about what our great connectivity services can provide for your team.