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Introducing our IT Services

We recently announced the acquisition of Greenwich-based IT services business, Wavehill IT. Wavehill are a team of IT experts who specialise in making businesses’ IT services more productive and less noticeable. Unlike many other IT services, Wavehill operate by keeping their people at the heart of everything they do. They take a truly proactive approach to support, from making sure you reach a real person on every call to scheduling in regular meetings to ensure that everything is working smoothly.

With Wavehill now part of the Network Communications Group, we want to continue to expand the fantastic work that they do, bringing their excellent support services to more businesses across the UK. We wanted to use this blog post as a chance to introduce a wider audience to the great IT services that our group can now offer. These solutions are now available to support you and your team in 2022. Just get in touch with your account manager to find out more.

IT Support

When your business’s IT encounters an issue, where do you turn? If you have your own dedicated IT team then that’s a good start, but businesses now rely on a huge variety of different types of technology, and nobody is an expert in everything.

This is where an IT helpdesk service can be incredibly helpful. With this service at your disposal, you can rely on an entire team of IT experts, trained and qualified to work with systems from the vast majority of brands. Calling Wavehill’s support service will allow you to resolve most issues within 10 minutes or less. They can solve most problems entirely over the phone, but scheduled on-site support visits can be arranged quickly and easily.

The IT support process is backed up by our proactive monitoring service. As part of our service, we can install an app on your devices and servers that will report back to our team if any issues arise. This means that we can solve 90% of issues before they get in your way.

IT Consultancy

When you make a change to any part of your business infrastructure, do you leave it to chance? Whether it’s your financial services or your plumbing, it’s always better to talk to the experts. The same should be true of your IT, and this is where our consultancy service can help.

Whether you’re looking to move office, equip a new team or revamp your existing devices or servers, Wavehill have over 20 years of expertise that you can rely on. Every system they recommend has been tested in-house on our own network. When equipping a new site, our team will offer multiple options to suit your individual needs and budget.

Cloud Services

In 2022 more businesses are looking to the cloud to support them than ever before. This is for good reason. With more of us looking to work remotely than ever before, we still need to access communication services, customer information and the software that keeps us working securely and productively. Moving your business IT to the cloud can be a daunting prospect though, since you need to do it in a way that preserves all your files and remains cost-effective.

Our team can guide you through the process from start to finish. From backing up your files in the case of an outage, to navigating Office 365’s sometimes challenging licensing structure. We’ll maintain your cloud services alongside the rest of your IT platform, ensuring that you always have the right solutions to support your needs.

We also offer a disaster recovery service that means if your office is inaccessible for any reason, you’ll still be able to access your essential services with ease. This also helps to keep your data safe in the event of an outage.


Cyber-attacks are on the rise. With more teams working from home, cyber-criminals are taking advantage of unsecured devices and a lack of training to exploit businesses across the country. Since the start of the pandemic, hackers have turned their attention away from larger enterprises and towards small businesses and sectors they see as vulnerable such as education and healthcare.

Our cyber-security service can help. We can make sure that your devices and software are up to date with the latest firewalls and antivirus services installed. We can also advise on best practices to keep your team secure, such as password policies and how to prevent your network from being compromised.

This service is backed up by years of expertise and accreditation from the government’s Cyber Essentials scheme.

For more information about any of these services, visit the Wavehill website, or get in touch with the team at 020 8293 0100.