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Why Data Connectivity is so Important for Businesses

For any business, staying connected with your customers and colleagues is the key to providing a consistently high-quality service.  After all, how much work really gets done when you’re struggling with the internet connection? And how productive can your team be if they can’t get in contact with the people you need to?

Thankfully, there is a solution to all your connectivity troubles in the form of NCG’s broadband services.  Our broadband can provide super-fast speeds for multiple locations, so if your business is spread out across multiple sites, or you are aiming to facilitate remote working, we still have you covered.  It works by providing you with a dedicated broadband line only your company can use, meaning your connection is not dragged down by the data usage of anyone else in the surrounding area.  This means your business will always maintain a reliable and strong connection no matter what the data usage levels are like in your area.

All of this sounds great, but its important to discuss what tangible benefits this data connection service can have for your business, and why it is so important for you to both prioritise acquiring and maintaining strong data connections.

Providing Better Customer Service

This sounds fairly self-explanatory, but it is genuinely something that businesses can neglect.  If you can’t access a consistently strong internet connection, then your customer service will suffer as a result. You need a good internet connection for your team to carry out just about any action relating to customer service, from video calls to screen sharing to solving customer queries, and any downtime can be disastrous. Your business may also need a higher bandwidth connection if you have multiple people using video or voice calls at once or need to send through a large amount of data across different locations.  Thankfully, we offer a range of broadband services at fixed monthly rates so you can choose the one that best suits your business.

Facilitate multi-site working

One of a private broadband line’s greatest assets is that it can support your business across multiple locations.  If your team operates from multiple sites, then a strong data connection facilitates easy communication and collaboration between them.  This is a cost-effective way to make sure your whole team stays in touch, a reliable internet service greatly enhances your video conferencing capabilities, so you can maintain face-to-face communication, no matter where you are working.  This also extends to remote workers, who can use a business broadband service to cut through the usual fuss that comes from working from home on a residential network.  Finally, our multi-site network is a great solution for growing businesses.  It allows for the addition of more sites as your business needs to use new locations, with no reconfiguration required.  This flexible solution allows your team to remain adaptable and work effectively in any environment.

Avoid Downtime

If your business maintains any kind of persistent media such as a website that is crucial to keep running, then a reliable broadband service is essential.  Nothing turns a customer away faster than a website that won’t load or their calls going unanswered, a dedicated business broadband service provides you with peace of mind in this regard.  Websites and VPNs require a lot of bandwidth to run effectively and one of the best ways to guarantee that your business has the capacity to maintain these services is through a business broadband connection.  Keeping your website running can be absolutely vital to your customer service, and likewise if you use a VPN or any security software, outages could be a real problem, so maintaining them with a consistent broadband service is key.

Find a Service that’s Right for your Team

It is important to note that business broadband services are incredibly useful no matter the scale of your operation.  Small businesses and sole traders can take advantage of high upload and download speeds to make sure you are providing a consistently great service, even if the network in your area is particularly crowded.  Meanwhile larger enterprises can use this service to connect multiple sites together, furthering teamwork no matter how many employees you have or where they are located, allowing you to create a secure network that is tailor made for your operation.

Hopefully this has demonstrated the versatility that a high-speed data connection service can provide a business.  It is not just about getting some fast new WiFi, although that is appreciated.  It can be central to your business’ approach to customer service, your team’s collaboration or the way you present your company through websites and other persistent services. 

Network Communications Group provide free installation of cost-effective, yet superfast broadband services along with full customer support once your system is in place.  Find out more today about how our data connection and communication solutions can assist your business. Call our team at 020 8370 8370 or visit our website.

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