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How dedicated broadband can change the way you work remotely

Working remotely can be a challenge for many people. The change from an office to home environment can be drastic, especially if you are not working with the right technology. For business owners, it is crucial that you equip your team with the right tools for success. From the right VoIP communication service, to a subscription to Microsoft Teams, there are a lot of tools that can make home working a smoother process. All these services are rendered void though if you do not have the internet connection to back them up.

Broadband can be a difficult issue for businesses even when you’re working in the office. If your connection is unreliable or cannot support the scale of your team, then you can be in real trouble. The same applies to working from home; losing connection can be disastrous and there are also security issues that need to be contended with. There is a solution to this though, and that is a dedicated business broadband connection. At Netcomms, we are dedicated to finding connectivity solutions that can help businesses of any size and scale, and this extends to remote workers as well. We’ve put together a guide to the features of a business broadband service that can help to keep your business connected, even when you’re working away from the office.

Consistent Communications

When working from home, having consistent access to the communication services you use daily is essential. From phone calls on VoIP systems, to video conferences with your team or customers, all need to be carried out in an efficient way. Video conferencing is dominating the communications world right now but requires a lot of bandwidth to work effectively. A call that drops out repeatedly due to bad connection is often not worth having.

Business broadband services cut through the static. Instead of having to rely on the same home broadband that everybody else in house uses, you get a consistent, private connection. This means that your team don’t have to contend with online lessons or live streaming elsewhere in the house. Business broadband is the best way to ensure that your team can stay connected with each other and their customers. This means it is ideal for helping your staff in customer facing roles transition to a remote way of working.

A sense of reliability is essential right now, from all the technology that we use. Business broadband guarantees this for your team.

Safe and Secure

Security might not be the first thing on your mind when you think of remote working. There are a range of risks that you need to be aware of though. One of these risks is network fraud. If your team are working from home on work devices, then they are likely to be handling at least some of your company’s data. This data is obviously something that should not be ending up in the wrong hands, and the risks of this happening do increase when your team work from home. Operating over an insecure home WiFi network leaves your team’s devices open to attack. Especially if the password is “123”.

Once again, a business broadband service can help here. It provides a far more secure, private line for your devices to operate over. This still doesn’t mean that you should fully relax when it comes to security (please change those passwords!), but it can provide you with some much-needed peace of mind.

Discover Remote Selling

Businesses have had to adapt to a new way of working since the first lockdown began. Many of the usual processes that we’d use on a day-to-day basis just don’t work anymore. One of these processes that has been negatively impacted by remote work is sales. The usual routine of visiting customers and hosting events just isn’t available anymore. So, a new approach is needed. Enter remote selling.

Remote selling is a way of guiding your customers through your sales process without ever meeting them in person. It works via a series of video conferences, usually each handled by a different user, who run through a different part of your customer experience. From first consultation, through product demonstrations, to post-sales support, everything can be handled via a video conference. This of course needs a reliable internet connection to work effectively. If you like the sound of remote sales and are considering applying it to your business, then enquire about business broadband. It can support you long after the remote working revolution has subsided.

At Netcomms, we offer a variety of connectivity solutions to support a range of businesses. Whether you are a small team or a large enterprise, business broadband can do a lot to help you. Get in touch to find out more at 020 8370 8370 or visit our website

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