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Discover a Cloud Phone Service that can Take Your Business the Extra Mile

At Network Communications Group, we understand that any phone system has to be built with the best user experience in mind. That’s why we rate cloud hosted phone systems so highly. Being some of the most accessible and easily installed phone systems around is just the start of how cloud phones can benefit your business. Including some of the best productivity enhancing features around, no matter the size of your team or the sector your business operates in, cloud phones offer something for you. With this in mind, we have put together this comprehensive guide of which features of cloud phone systems can help to move your business forward. This guide will show how cloud phone systems help boost your team’s productivity and create a more flexible and accessible work environment.

Get Started Quickly

First of all, it is very important to note just how easy it is to get a cloud phone system up and running. Deploying your cloud system is simple; all you need to make the switch is an internet connection and a handset. Due to a cloud system’s inherent scalability you can get new users set up quickly without setting your team back by causing downtime.

This also applies to changing premises. If your team is moving to a new location then it is quick and easy to move your phone system with you. Just plug them in and connect them to the internet and you’re good to go. To get the best out of your cloud system you need to have a strong broadband connection to back it up. Our data connections services can get your team set up with powerful broadband. Facilitating an entire workforce’s calls can be quite taxing on your network, so the biggest thing you can do to prepare for your new system’s arrival is make sure that your internet is up to standard.

Make the Most of Every Feature

Cloud and hosted phone systems are some of the most versatile communication tools around. To get the most out of these phones, you need to understand all of their features. Cloud phones are capable of much more than just voice calls, but their audio quality is incredibly good and comparable to a traditional landline. The really interesting features of cloud phones come in the form of their ability to facilitate video calls and instant messaging.

Video conferencing is an essential part of the modern business; being able to connect with colleagues and customers in a face-to-face manner can be truly invaluable. Accessing this service through a cloud phone system is simple and can be a massive boost to your team’s productivity. It is also more cost-effective to conduct video calling through your phone system as opposed to other more bandwidth taxing online services.

Instant messaging is another feature that can revolutionise your communication through its many helpful uses. It helps to create an environment of quick and easy collaboration between users. This can benefit your customer support as your team can message each other discretely to answer customer queries in the most effective way. Messages are also kept on your records, so you can always have the information you need, when you need it.

Enable Flexible Working

Cloud phone systems are fully mobile, so you can plug your handset in at home and still be able to work just as productively as if you were in the office. You can also forward calls to your mobile or laptop, so you can bring your own device to work with you, creating an even more productive environment. Cloud phone systems are ideal for working from home, or on the go.

The benefits of having such a flexible communication system in place can be felt by businesses of any scale. Smaller teams can take advantage of the better remote working policy that cloud phones afford you, allowing your whole team to work in ways that suit them. Larger enterprises can connect multiple sites together and make sure the whole team can stay on the same page at any time.

Hopefully, we’ve demonstrated just how much a cloud phone system can revolutionise the way you handle your communications. They provide a wide range of features that can enhance your customer support and expand upon your team’s capacity for collaboration. Their flexible nature means that no matter where and on what device you work best, you’ll never miss a call. Finally, the simplicity of these phone systems mean that they are incredibly accessible for new users. Whether you are supplying 10 or 1000 team members, you can deploy your phone system easily and get everyone online and calling quickly.

If you want to take your communications to the next level, consider our Unified Communications service. It works alongside your phones to create a truly unbeatable communications experience.

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