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What a business mobile solution can do for your team

Mobile phones have become truly unbeatable in terms of their flexibility and functionality as tools that power our daily lives. The same applies for business, and workers who can use mobiles throughout their day are often more productive and happier due to the flexibility that this provides them with. It is important for businesses to integrate these phones into their teams in an organised way though, as they can end up being expensive or leave team members behind if they are not implemented properly.

The best way to help your business get access to these phones is through a package business mobile contract. Thankfully, here at NetComms we have a great range of contracts at varying price points to suit businesses of any size and scale.

We can help you to provide your team with a business mobile contract that suits everyone in your business and also comes with a variety of added benefits. Here are the best features of business mobiles that your team can make the most of.

Work Productively, Anywhere.

The greatest feature of a mobile phone is that it is, well, mobile. With the right apps installed your smartphone can have all the utility of your office PC and phone system all bundled into one. At NetComms our business mobiles come with a 4G data plan, so you can stay in contact with customers and colleagues no matter where you are working. Crystal clear audio calling from just about anywhere is a plus point that really can’t be overstated.

With this full range of connectivity, options open up for working in a more flexible way. Your team can comfortably work from home or even whilst on the move if they are equipped with the right mobile solution. Working remotely has become increasingly viable for many businesses and a mobile is a great way to facilitate it. Boost productivity and morale by enabling work from home using business mobiles. The handsets that you can access come with all the features you need to create a successful remote working environment.

Connect with the Services you Already Use.

Business mobiles aren’t a standalone piece of technology, they are built around the systems and services your business already uses. Connecting your mobile with a Unified Communications app can let you take the functionality of the office with you anywhere. Discover features such as accessing your office phone system’s voicemail whilst on the go or being able to call from your mobile whilst displaying the number of your office system.

This also allows you to maintain a sense of business continuity. Business continuity is a way to stay working at your best even if you can’t get into the office for any number of reasons. Call transferring services allow you to reroute calls from your office phone system to your mobile, allowing your team to keep communicating even if their normal place of work is inaccessible. This business continuity service that mobiles provide can also help if your phone connection goes down, or if there is maintenance going on in your office. Just connect your mobile to your office phone system and you are good to go.

Take Advantage of the Full Functionality of Business Mobiles.

Busines mobiles come with a huge range of features that can be used throughout every aspect of your organisation. Utilising these tools effectively unlocks a whole world of productivity for your team.

Video conferencing can be easily accessed through mobiles, this means that your team can join group meetings and collaborate effectively. Video conferencing tools such as Microsoft Teams are the new standard when it comes to communications and business mobiles facilitate them with ease.

Instant Messaging is an ideal tool for quick and easy collaboration. It allows you to quickly get in touch with colleagues or customers whenever you need to. This means that customer queries can get answered quickly and you can keep your whole team informed.

There is a whole range of other productivity enhancing tools that can be accessed through business mobiles that can make your life easier. From calendars and scheduling tools, to email integration through Outlook, all of these can combine with your existing office equipment to create a truly comprehensive experience.

At Netcomms we have a variety of mobile packages built to suit the needs of any business, no matter the scale of your business we can find you the latest handsets at a competitive price point. We offer competitive tariffs on all of the main network providers so you can always stay connected in an efficient and cost-effective way.

All of our systems come with HD audio quality and 4G data coverage.

Get in touch with our support team today. Find out more about what business mobiles can do for your team.

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