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Leave ISDN behind and discover SIP & VoIP phone systems.

At The Network Communications Group, we’re always on the lookout for the exciting pieces of technology that we think have the potential to really make life easier for businesses. That’s why we’re excited to be offering a whole range of SIP and VoIP phone systems.

Readers who are familiar with our communications services may also know about the upcoming ISDN switch-off but if not, let us get you up to speed. In 2025 the ISDN phone network will be switching off, meaning phones connected by these lines will no longer function. As such, most companies have already upgraded to a new solution. For those that haven’t made the switch yet though, or who are just eyeing up a versatile new communication system, a SIP or VoIP solution could be for you.

The main advantages of SIP and VoIP lines for businesses are centred around three things: flexibility, cost-effectiveness and business continuity. It is important to talk about how these features can help to drive your business forward.


This is perhaps the most obvious benefit you’ll see from your IP phone system right from the start. ISDN systems were always held back by their immobility. They were a hassle to install, maintain and required large amounts of equipment on site to keep things working. Of course, this was effective in older buildings where new phone lines couldn’t be easily installed but this functionality has become less useful as time has passed.

VoIP systems can be plugged in anywhere with an internet connection. This means it’s incredibly quick and easy to get set up with a winning phone system, no matter where you are working. This cuts down on installation and maintenance times massively, especially for new users. VoIP phones allow you to get new users set up and working right away, without taking down your existing network for any amount of time.

This also has a massive impact on your remote working capabilities. Having a phone system that you can use from just about anywhere is a massive boost for any staff who choose to work out of the office. Our SIP phones come with full line rationalisation, so even if you have multiple sites or remote workers, you can still have full control of the numbers associated with your business.


Of course, one of the biggest considerations for any business when investing in a new communications system is its price point. We’re happy to report that a SIP or VoIP system is as great for your wallet as it is for the rest of your business. Unlike older systems, which came with massive upfront costs for equipment and maintenance, with an IP phone you only pay for what you need.

With SIP and VoIP systems you only pay for the phones you are currently using, so businesses with a fluctuating staff number can keep costs down. Call rates are also much lower for SIP and VoIP phones, as they operate over the internet. You can also access free internal calls between different premises around your business, so your whole team can stay connected for a fraction of the cost.

Despite calls being hosted over the internet, there is no drop in call quality when using VoIP or SIP lines compared to traditional telephony methods. Your customers and colleagues genuinely won’t be able to tell the difference. These services have been around for a while now, so crystal-clear audio is a guarantee alongside a system that truly does save you money.

Business Continuity

In the modern business, it pays to be prepared, and an IP phone system is a perfect solution to help your team stay ready for anything. These systems come with business continuity features built in as standard. Business continuity allows your team to keep working at their best even when mitigating circumstances stop them from accessing the office.

If your premises have to be temporarily relocated due to a natural disaster or other issue, then your SIP or VoIP phones can easily be taken with you and plugged in elsewhere.

If you need to work from home, you can use call forwarding features to direct calls from your office phone system to your mobile, laptop or home phone easily. You can even keep your office phone number!

With a SIP or VoIP phone system, your business can keep operating no matter the situation. They provide great options for remote workers, as they can make free calls from just about anywhere. No matter the situation, keep your team communicating at their best.

We hope that these features have helped to inform you about the advantages of a SIP or VoIP phone system over their ISDN counterparts. If you need to find out more, get in touch! Our team has years of experience in the telecoms industry and are happy to help with anything you need.

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