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How to keep your business secure when you are working remotely

In recent months, most of us have had to leave the office behind and take up remote working. This has brought a unique set of challenges to businesses and at NetComms we have seen many of them. One of these challenges is how we keep our businesses secure, and not only office or commercial spaces, but also our new home offices too.

At NetComms, our TECTA security specialists have experience installing and maintaining security systems for a whole range of different premises, so we understand the importance of getting a robust plan up and running. With this in mind, we’ve put together a quick guide as to how our services could benefit your safety and also a few top tips on how to stay extra secure whilst working from home.

Which Security Service is right for your business?

We understand that no two businesses are completely alike, and we take that mentality into our security services. Every team and every property will need something a little bit different and we can cater to this.


Our CCTV systems are tailored directly for your needs. If you just need a few cameras and a simple user interface, we can handle it with ease. We also have the ability to handle larger installations and can set up a full equipment control room to manage hundreds of cameras.

If you can’t access your premises due to having to work from home, then installing some cameras so you can keep an eye on the situation there is a great way to gain some much needed peace of mind.

Access Control

Access control systems were initially designed for banks and military bases, but these days they are an affordable security solution and can be used for a whole variety of commercial and residential premises. Our TECTA solutions can be tailor made to suit your business with a variety of features.

From access tokens, swipe cards and cutting-edge biometrics, there’s a lot to choose from, this variety allows us to offer a bespoke solution to any business. Our access control systems also integrate well with any existing software that you already use, so there shouldn’t be any technical issues.

Keeping your business secure should be a top priority, and access control is one of the best ways to do that right now.

Door Entry

Door Entry systems are a way of verifying who is trying to enter your premise through a smart control system. Whoever is trying to enter can call up to those inside using the door entry system and gain access. This can be a perfect solution for those who are working outside the office or have even converted their home into an office.

Being able to control who enters your premises even whilst you are not there gives you all the control over your business security. This also has natural uses in a residential situation as well. Our TECTA systems integrate perfectly with any CCTV or access control services that your business already uses, so you can set up a comprehensive security suite with ease.

If the prospect of any of these systems has interested you, get in touch at 02083708393

How Can Businesses Stay Secure when Working Remotely?

So, we’ve listed some of the products that can help your business stay secure, but what are some of the best practices that you and your team can carry out to promote safety when you’re not in the office. Here are a few of our top tips:

  • Keep work data on a work device – This one is important, if your team uses a personal device that is not secure, or decides to work over an unsecure network, then they could be at serious risk.
  • Use the right software – Making sure your team is working with secure software platforms is the best way to avoid hackers and other intruders on your network. Recently many video conferencing sites were revealed to have been compromised, so it’s important that you keep up to date on which tools are the best to use.
  • Consider the Cloud – Cloud tools come equipped with great security features as standard. Allowing you to equip your team with top of the range productivity and communication services, with no risk.
  • Keep your work separate – This is a great tip for remote working in general but it’s important for security too. Keeping your work and home life separate is essential to keeping your work as safe as possible. The last thing you want is a child or pet walking across your keyboard and deleting some crucial data. This sounds silly, but it really can happen!

For any more of your security needs, get in touch with us here at NetComms, we can talk through your business’ specific needs and find the remote working security solution for you.

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