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Take control, our complete call management guide

You have just acquired and installed your brand-new business communication service, amazing! But what next? Modern communication services come loaded with an amazing range of features, but we know it can sometimes be overwhelming or difficult to know which solutions are most relevant to you.

This is where we can help. At Netcomms our fantastic support team are always on hand to help you get to grips with your new service. We also know that sometimes it’s just great to have a resource to refer back to. This is why we’ve created this guide. Today we’re going to cover the call management features available with our communication services and how they can help your team.

Call Control

The first point that is worth discussing is call control. With the vast majority of our communication services, when you make or receive a call you are presented with a variety of options. There are your standard options, such as muting your microphone, changing the volume, putting the caller on speaker. But there are also more features to enhance your experience.

You can quickly forward calls to any other employee on your business’ network. This could be the colleague sitting next to you, someone in a different part of your office, or even remote workers. This guarantees that your customers can always receive the support that they need. If you’re working with a unified communications service, you unlock even more options, which we’ll discuss later.

Call Recording

Call recording is valuable for nearly every industry. Our solutions allow you to record and store calls without any disruption. This can have a variety of benefits for your team.

Many businesses, such as those in construction or manufacturing need to keep a record of customer specifications for liability and referencing purposes. A recorded call can act as these records. Recorded calls are also the ideal training resource for your customer facing staff. Simply record a call between your most experienced staff and a customer, and you have the perfect example for new hires.

CRM Integration

Most businesses use software every day that relates to their industry. Schools use pupil database services like SIMS, many professional service teams use Salesforce. Did you know that these services can integrate seamlessly with your communication platform?

CRM integration means that as your database of customers grows, their contact details are added to your communication service. This is beneficial for many reasons. When customers call, their contact and account details are displayed to your team so that they can provide a more bespoke service. It also means that when your staff need to get in touch with them, they can find their details in seconds.

Visual Voicemail

It’s a fact of working life that not every call will be answered. Voicemail is a must have feature on every communication service, but visual voicemail takes it to the next level. Instead of having to listen to your voicemails in the order that they arrived on your system it opens up more options.

Visual voicemail gives you a menu of all the voicemails that have arrived on your communication service, including the number that they came from and any relevant CRM details about the caller. From here you can listen to your voicemails, but also store them securely for future reference or share them with colleagues.

Call Routing

This follows on from the call control features we mentioned earlier. We know that with the rise of remote working, the colleagues who you need to be in contact with often are not in the same office as you. It’s important that your remote and mobile staff can stay in the loop, and call routing makes it possible.

Our communication services allow your colleagues to set up automatic call routes, that direct any call coming into their office extension to a device of their choice. Allowing them to work at their best from any location. Mobile phones are a popular choice for call diverts and our service allows mobile staff to quickly differentiate if a call is coming from their business communication service or just a regular call coming into their mobile.

Video Conferencing

With a modern communications platform, you can take any call between colleagues and escalate it into a video conference. All that’s required is a device with a camera and a microphone.

This has huge versatility for your team. If you have remote workers in your business, then being able to access a face-to-face connection with them quickly is invaluable. Similarly, this speed can help staff working on the go to help customers and keep your team better informed.

This is just a selection of the call management services that we think can make a big difference to your team. For more about some of the call analytics tools that can give you great insights into how your business communications operates, check out this page of our website. Or for more information on any of the services we’ve mentioned here get in touch at 0800 298 6022.