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The best business security systems

Business security is more important than ever. With more of us working from home, rising crime rates and the ending lifecycles of many older systems, we know a lot of businesses are looking for something new. We’ve also seen some new security systems enter the market which are allowing businesses to protect their teams and sites in new ways.

Through our security division, TECTA, we’ve helped customers in North London and beyond to access better business security. Their range of products combined with our team’s technical knowledge has proven to be a winning combination. In today’s blog, we’ll cover some of the latest security services on the market today, and best practices that can keep your business safer.

Which business CCTV system is right for me?

Business CCTV has changed a lot in the past 20 years. We’re no longer talking about grainy black and white footage where you can’t tell if you’ve just spotted a burglar or bigfoot. Modern cameras can now produce HD colour footage, even in low or no-light conditions. In terms of choosing the right system, there are a couple of key points to bear in mind.

The first is internet connectivity. Many analogue systems, which only provide feeds to a control room, are now being phased out. These services are now being replaced with internet-enabled models that come with a variety of new benefits. This includes remote monitoring. This feature means you don’t need a sophisticated control room to check on your cameras – just access your live feed or recordings from a PC, laptop, Mac or tablet.

The second is cloud storage. One of the obstacles in the way of CCTV providing a clearer feed was how storage intensive it could be. Cloud storage hurdles this obstacle with ease. When you’re looking for a new CCTV system, speak to the experts, camera placement is just as important as the quality of product, and our TECTA experts can help.

Is my access control up to date?

Access control is an umbrella term that includes just about any piece of technology used to access your building. This can range from a simple lock, all the way up to biometric scanners. The reality of most businesses is that they need something that offers security but also convenience for all members of their team.

The days of staff being locked out because they left their keys at home are on the way to being behind us. This is because many businesses are switching to newer access control solutions. This can be something as simple as an access token, but we’ve seen many teams experiencing great success with swipe cards.

Swipe cards can be personalised with your company branding but also customised to meet the needs of your site. You can assign access levels to them and also track attendance. Furthermore, if anyone attempts to force a door they shouldn’t have access to, this will be documented on a record log.

Do I need a new intercom?

Intercom systems are changing, and yours might be at the end of its lifecycle without you knowing. In previous blogs we’ve covered how in 2025 BT will be switching off its analogue phone lines. As a communication provider we naturally look at how this will affect businesses’ phone systems, but did you know intercoms will be affected too?

In fact, a range of security services operate over these analogue lines, and these two will be unusable past the 2025 switch-off. Thankfully, there are a range of benefits you can access from updating your intercom and integrating it with the rest of your internet-enabled devices.

New intercom features

Upgrading your intercom isn’t just about avoiding the analogue switch-off, you can unlock a range of new features as well. This includes integrations with other parts of your security network. Your intercom can work alongside your CCTV, meaning that you gain full visibility of whoever is trying to gain entry. Similarly, new IP systems can include wireless entry, allowing you to remotely provide access. This is perfect for taking in deliveries when you’re not in the office!

New CCTV features

The world of CCTV is developing all the time. New technology is emerging to make the surveillance process more intuitive than ever before.

This includes AI, which allows new cameras that will be able to learn over time how to distinguish between different types of objects. This means you’ll be more reliably notified in the event that there is an intrusion, and there’s less chance of a false alarm if an animal sets off an outdoor camera.

This also includes advancements in how cameras are installed. The latest models include more options in terms of durability. This means that cameras are less at risk from extreme temperature, corrosion and dust. This is ideal for protecting sites in the manufacturing and construction industry.

We’re proud to provide security solutions from leading provider Hikvision, which keeps us at the forefront of the latest industry developments. If you’d like to find out more about our security services call 020 8293 0100 or visit our partners at TECTA.