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The new communication services that are helping contact centres to thrive

Despite the advancements that have been made in services like instant messaging, it’s often much nicer to speak to a real person. Therefore, contact centres are still the preferred channel for customer service.

Over the years the contact centre process has changed dramatically as teams modernise and competition grows. There is now a real focus on providing the most bespoke customer care on the first call, while keeping the whole experience as brief as possible. This sounds like a big ask, but with the right technology this is achievable for organisations of any scale.

There have been plenty of great advancements in contact centre communications in recent years. These systems are designed for efficiency and to provide a greater level of care. These are created as bespoke solutions and at a mark-up that makes them inaccessible for all but the largest teams. At Netcomms we’re looking to change this.

We have partnered with Horizon to provide a comprehensive contact centre solution. Horizon Contact takes all the latest features for contact centres and bundles them into one service. In this blog we’ll cover the most important features available through this service, and how they can help your team to thrive.

Queue Management:

This might seem like a minor point, but the way you manage your calls before they reach an operator can be crucial. Horizon Contact allows you to see which customers are located at any point in your call queue. This allows you to take appropriate action to improve your service.

You can use this service to find important callers and move them to the front of the queue. Whether this is a VIP customer or an urgent situation, sometimes this is essential, and your customers will thank you for it. It also means customers can be easily routed to the right operator under any circumstance.

Finally, through your queue management system, automatic announcements can let customers know their place in the queue. Potentially lightening the load during peak hours.

CRM Integration:

Understanding a customer’s needs quickly is one of the most effective ways to ensure that their inquiry is solved in good time. Horizon’s CRM integration service allows you to do this with ease.

Horizon Contact works alongside a huge variety of both popular and more specialist customer relationship management systems. This is deaigned to provide you with a more inclusive communications experience. Through your CRM you can see a customer’s profile as soon as they reach your team. Allowing you to direct them to the user that can best solve their inquiry.

It also allows your staff to follow up on a call quickly through click-to-call. This allows you to initiate a phone call by clicking on a customer’s number in your CRM or through a message or email. Finally, you can also use CRM integrations to record customer ID. This means they won’t have to spend time reeling off information to each agent they reach, saving time.

Skills-based routing:

The contact centre experience can be frustrating for customers if it is not handled in a timely and organised way. A huge part of this is guaranteeing that customers are directed to the user best-equipped to handle their needs. Horizon caters to this need with skills-based routing.

With this approach you can automate which kind of customers reach which area of your business. For technical enquiries send them to an IT specialist and so on. You can also create a more personal service by directing your system to return a customer to the user they last spoke to.

This service isn’t just available via your phone system. Horizon is also built with webchat compatibility. This adds a chatbox into your business’ website. Customers can enter questions here and be automatically directed to a relevant member of staff.

Call Recording & Statistics:

Improving your call process into the future requires you to be able to see the full picture. With a call recording solution, you can gain a clear understanding of both your best operators and areas that require improvement.

Our recording solution is unobtrusive, and recordings are stored securely. This means you can access the call recordings when you need to. This creates a superb training resource that you and your team can rely on into the future. It also allows you to protect your team from any abusive callers they may encounter.

Finally, the call statistics package gives you the clearest possible view of your network. This Includes statistics on how many calls have been answered, average duration, your top performers and the ID of any callers that were missed. These reports can be emailed to you and provide you with the perfect platform to build your contact centre around moving forward. We hope this article has informed you on some of the features that modern contact centre teams can use to thrive. For more information about how these services can transform your business, get in touch with our team at 0800 298 6022