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The Surprising Benefits of Business CCTV

CCTV isn’t what it used to be.

For a long time, CCTV systems have been viewed by many businesses as a formality. For evidence of this look no further than the dozens of fake cameras for sale around the internet. Of course, there was a time where a convincing fake camera was about as effective as the real thing – we’ve all seen the blurry, black and white images that older CCTV systems produce.

The latest CCTV systems compare to their older counterparts in the same way that a laptop can be compared to a typewriter. They may fulfil the same purpose, but the more modern technology offers almost infinitely more potential. We’re covering just a few of them in today’s blog post.

Check in with your cameras from anywhere.

Modern CCTV solutions enable the use of advanced cloud apps, letting you control your cameras over a secure connection from anywhere in the world. With apps available for mobile and desktop platforms, you’ll be able to view and control the security systems in your office from the device in your pocket.

Gone are the days where CCTV systems were no more than simple cameras recording 24/7. You can use cloud apps included with our systems to allow notifications to be configured. Set up motion sensing cameras to notify you and start recording automatically when movement is detected outside of business hours. This is just one of the many ways that modern systems keep you in the loop. Rest assured that your systems are keeping a watchful eye and will let you know if anything goes amiss.

Advanced technology upgrades your protection.

Camera technology and the CCTV systems running behind them have transformed recently to provide an all-encompassing physical security system. Modern servers support a huge variety of camera technology. You can integrate Motion sensing, night vision, ANPR and more into your CCTV system and managed through the central interface.

ANPR, or Automatic Number Plate Recognition, provides a huge improvement to the protection of your premises. The benefits here are obvious; ANPR can provide a complete register of all visitors to your premises. ANPR systems used to be specialised, costly, and difficult to integrate with existing security systems. Modern servers like ours support ANPR and other advanced technology from day one, allowing you to connect compatible cameras with no additional configuration.

It’s not just the addons that have advanced, either. Even the most basic modern cameras are miles ahead of their older analogue counterparts. Our cameras, for example, stream in full HD and can even be powered by the network itself.

Introduce bio-security into your business to remain Covid-secure.

Thermal screening cameras introduce an entirely new element to your security suite. Bio-security is a new idea for many businesses, but in challenging times, protecting your staff and customers must be your first priority.

Not only do thermal screening cameras keep everyone safe, but they are also an invaluable tool to ensure the latest guidance and regulations are being followed. Our cameras can check for face masks, social distancing and even skin surface temperature, minimising the risk of infection without compromising customer convenience or staff workflows.

Simple deployment – no new cabling required!

Although our systems operate over a data network, we can make use of your existing analogue CCTV cabling. How, do you ask? Well, that’s simple. Our servers come equipped with systems that enable them to send and receive digital signals through analogue cables. Just plug in an adapter and away you go.

We can even power cameras over this ethernet connection. This ensures that all cameras within 100 metres can be powered and connected to the network with just one cable. With a specialised PoE injector this range can even be extended to 300 metres, connecting all but the most isolated of camera positions.

For cameras further away from a network connection, we can also provide powerful WiFi cameras. There may be camera positions around your site where a network connection simply isn’t needed. For positions like the entrance to a car park, or around the perimeter of your site, WiFi cameras are fast and simple to deploy.

Unlimited expandability, including multi-site support.

Our servers each support dozens of separate camera connections, giving you the ability to start with 3 or 4 cameras and expand as your needs change.

Perhaps even more beneficial to larger firms is the ability to network multiple servers together across the internet. This powerful modularity lets you check in with the cameras across all your locations from one simple web app.

In addition to saving you time, our CCTV servers can give you far greater functionality than older analogue systems. Program your opening hours and set movement detection, and your system will send a notification directly to your pocket if anything happens.

It’s clear to us that complex, bulky and costly analogue CCTV systems belong in the past. You wouldn’t consider using a dial-up internet connection these days, and we’re sure you don’t regularly use a VCR to record TV anymore. So why should any business use technology of the same age to protect their premises?

If you want to find out more about the state-of-the-art CCTV and monitoring solutions we provide, get in touch. Speak to the team on 020 8370 8370 to request a free quote, or check out our website.

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