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The technology helping the hospitality industry to get back on track

The hospitality industry has been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic, we all likely know one or more restaurants, cafes, pubs or hotels in our area that has been forced to close. Now that the hospitality industry is on its way back, businesses in this sector face a new challenge, how to come back strongly.

In one of the most competitive sectors in the world of business, it is crucial that hospitality teams can stand out. Whether this comes from intelligent marketing, a unique service or a professional website. There is a variety of technology available that can help hospitality businesses get to the front of the pack. With an influx of customers getting out and about and looking for something new, it is the perfect time to take a look at the technology that can help you to create a winning service.

CRM Integration – Make customer care simple

The vast majority of hospitality businesses use some form of CRM service to record customer data. This data allows you to provide a bespoke service and gain more insights into your customer base. Integrating this platform with your communications opens a variety of new opportunities.

One of these features is click-to-call. This allows you to initiate a call with a customer directly through your CRM, want to confirm a booking? Simply click their name and get in touch. You can even send texts!

You can also provide a better service to customers when they call into your business. Screen popping services displays a customer’s CRM details when they call. So, you can greet them by name and understand their needs quickly. This is ideal for takeaway services, as you already know the delivery address and menu choice for your loyal customers!

Marketing on hold – Highlight additional services

Customers will inevitably have to spend time in a call queue before reaching your team. Especially considering the rush for bookings that we have seen since hospitality businesses re-opened. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, with the right technology you can make the most of this process.

On-hold marketing used to mean cheesy music and grainy pre-recorded messages. Not anymore. This service can now be tailored with professional music and trained voice talent to create a more professional brand image.

You can use this service to inform customers about details they need to know about your business, and advertise new services. From new menus to special offers, the choice is yours, and messages can be changed whenever you need them to be updated.

Wireless handsets – Communicate on the go

Being able to answer calls is a convenience in some hospitality businesses, but for others like hotels it is essential. This is where cordless DECT handsets shine. These systems connect to your WiFi and are fully portable, allowing you to answer calls and send messages from any location. This is ideal for hotel staff that need to know which rooms need to be prepared quickly.

These phones combine brilliantly with other services to create a complete communications suite. These handsets are compatible with your call queue functionality, so your staff working on the go can help to ensure no calls are missed and CRM integration keeps your staff informed.

Multi-site support – Keep your entire business connected

Hospitality businesses are often spread across multiple sites but these sites are often left functionally isolated from each other due to their incompatible communication systems. Creating a multi-site solution has a huge amount of benefits, and is also relatively cost-effective.

With a cloud communication service, each of your sites can work as one network. Meaning if one premise is inundated with calls, they can be swiftly routed to users in another location, customers won’t be aware of the switch and it allows their queries to be resolved more quickly. You can also use this service to collaborate alongside your team more effectively using video conferencing. These conferences can also be used to connect with customers through webinars. These customers could be from a variety of locations and often wouldn’t normally be exposed to your business offering.

Cloud systems can also be configured with many third party scheduling and productivity services, including Office 365 and Outlook. This allows you to schedule meetings and work on files alongside members of your team working just about anywhere.

Hospitality teams are facing an uncertain time right now, although businesses have re-opened there are plenty of complications surrounding isolations and other awkward situations. At Netcomms, we believe implementing technology and practices that ensure adaptability is the best way to stay successful right now. No matter the situation, we aim to provide services that can keep your brand professional, your team working at their best and your customers happy.

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