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How Netcomms supported another client to future proof their communications.

Based in Cardiff, UK Laser Supplies (UKLS) are a leading supplier of IT goods, office supplies and print cartridges supplying businesses, schools, and government bodies throughout the UK who rely on UKLS to provide them with high quality IT products.


UKLS came to Netcomms as a new customer due to lack of support and unclear bills from their existing provider.

To enable UKLS to run an efficient and successful business they made the decision to overhaul their entire business telecoms infrastructure and look for an alternative service provider who could offer advice as well as reliability, efficiency, transparency, and who they could build a trusting relationship with.

One of UKLS specific requirements was that they wanted more clarity within their bills with a plain view of the services they were receiving and what they were paying for. They also wanted to work with a company who took the time to understand their business and their needs – something they’d never had in the past. So, they turned to Netcomms!


UKLS approached Netcomms after a recommendation of our services from ADP Enable, another customer of ours. From our first conversation with UKLS, it was clear that they were frustrated with their experience with their current service provider and were seeking a personalised approach and service that matched the requirements of their business.

At Netcomms, we endeavour to understand the challenges and requirements of each of our clients and knew we could offer UKLS the right solution to meet their needs.

If invoicing is unclear this really undermines trust as it makes it difficult to understand what you are actually paying for and whether it offers value for money, that’s why we ensure everything is itemised and clearly labelled. If customers are unsure or have any queries with their invoice, we have a dedicated team to answer any questions.

By taking the time to understand UKLS’s frustrations with previous providers, we were able to reassure them that we could provide a level of service that would exceed their expectations.

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Transparent billing and personal service were important for UKLS, but their technical needs mattered too. Like many other businesses, they have embraced hybrid working, which requires a more flexible, cloud-hosted communication solution that users can access from outside of the Cardiff office.

It also became clear that they would need a more reliable internet connection. With a 16-strong team and a heavy reliance on internet-based applications, they needed guaranteed bandwidth to ensure consistent performance.

We therefore recommended a 200Mbps/1G fully managed dedicated fibre leased line. This met various needs with one solution. The 200Mbps is a guaranteed minimum, ensuring that they have the bandwidth to carry out their work without interruption. 

For communication, we recommended Ericsson LG’s hosted cloud Unified Communications solution. This provides voice, video, and instant messaging from anywhere, achieving their requirement to support a hybrid workplace. Remote workers can enjoy all the communication and collaboration tools they would benefit from in the office whilst working from home. By having a cloud solution, this provides UKLS with transparency, and hands-on service which they lacked from their previous provider.

We also provided 16 x 1030i handsets for the office, which provide the functionality, ease of use and professionalism you’d expect for a business like UKLS.


At Netcomms, we understand that businesses change over time which is why we provided solutions to UKLS which will futureproof their communications as time goes on and if their needs change.

With a cloud communication solution, their calls are routed online which means UKLS will not be affected by the UK’s PSTN and ISDN infrastructure switch off in 2025.

As UKLS’s business grows, we also built the solution to allow for that. The cloud solution is fully adaptable, therefore should they recruit additional team members, they only need to add another licence per person. This is quick and easy, ensuring that their technology will not slow down their ambition. The leased line will also cope well with the increased need for bandwidth that more users would bring.

By having a communication system fully adaptable to their needs, UKLS can rest assured that their business communications are ready for them now and in the future.

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At Netcomms, it’s always a pleasure to meet new clients and provide them with products and services tailored to them. We take pride in the service we offer and always welcome feedback.

UKLS shared their views on working with Netcomms.

Chris and Lauren have been excellent from the initial enquiry through to completion and handover of the project. Always on hand to answer any questions we may have and answered them clearly so someone from a non-telecoms background could understand.

The assistance with the termination process was a huge help and we would have struggled without them. I cannot imagine this process being so smooth without the Projects Team and Account Management at Netcomms.”

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