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What can your communication service integrate with?

Technology doesn’t exist in a vacuum. We rely on a large number of different services to support our business, and these systems work best when they work together. At Netcomms, when we recommend technology, we make sure to offer solutions that are versatile enough to go hand in hand. From communications to IT and security services, there are a huge range of integrations available that can make your working life more productive and convenient.

In today’s blog we’ll explain some of the integrations that your business can start making the most of today, covering everything from how they work, to how they can benefit you.

CRM Integration – Develop better customer service strategies

We know that most industries use some form of CRM software to create a database of customers and to organise their details. Even public sector organisations like schools and healthcare teams use services like SIMS and SystmOne to log student or patient information. These systems can integrate with your communication service to provide a range of benefits.

Firstly, contact details from your CRM can automatically be added to your communication service. This means you’ll have all the contact details you need to hand, even when working from home. This can also include any notes that your colleagues have made on particular contacts. When customers dial in to your team, their CRM details will automatically pop up on screen, which means you can greet them by name and tailor your service to them.

Microsoft Outlook Integration – Combine your calls and emails

For many users, switching between calls and emails frequently every day can end up being time consuming and tedious. A large number of contact details are stored on Outlook, and it can be difficult to cross-reference these details with those on your communication service. Our solution includes Outlook click-to-call. This means that you can click any number in Outlook, and make a call directly through your communication service.

Outlook integration through our iPECS ONE platform also includes schedule synchronisation. This service tracks whether members of your team have Outlook meetings scheduled, and will update their status on your communication service to busy or do-not-disturb as needed.

Accounting Software – Access your most important services from anywhere

Helping your staff to work at their best from home has to be at the forefront of any business owner’s mind. The services that you use every day must be readily accessible and available for remote workers, and accounting software is a great example of this.

You can integrate your accounting software with your communication service. When working from home, if your team are using a cloud-based accounting service like Xero, then they can access it through a mobile or laptop. From here, if they spot anything that requires a follow-up, then you can quickly click-to-call using your communication service. This function works across any device and means that staff working from home can react to situations as quickly as their office-based colleagues.

MS Teams Integration – Combine powerful features and a versatile platform

A huge number of organisations use MS Teams every day as their main platform for internal and external business communications. Teams’ ease of use and access to voice, video and file sharing capabilities has made it the most popular UC service available. However, without the right add-ons, Teams does not have the features to replace your business’s communication service.

This is where we can help. Our Teams for Business service helps you to combine the versatility of Teams with the range of features of a system designed for business. This means you can access a full range of call control from your Teams interface, so you can transfer, mute, and put calls on hold through the push of a button. This service is available separately through Microsoft’s Calling Plans, but the pricing structure and complexity of this service means that businesses rarely get the best deal for them.

Security Services – Protect your communications and your site

When technology works together it doesn’t just make your work more convenient, it makes it safer too. Our communication services integrates alongside a range of security solutions to protect your team. This includes VPN services, which can make sharing and receiving audio files much safer. A VoIP communication service can integrate seamlessly with your VPN, automatically encrypting files when you send them. This allows you to access your communications from anywhere without worrying about who’s listening in.

You can also integrate your communication service alongside IP access control services. This means that when guests arrive and need to buzz in, their message can be directly routed to your communication service. We also offer CCTV that can be accessed remotely from a range of devices. For more information about how to keep your organisation secure, visit our partners over at TECTA.

We hope this blog has helped to demonstrate just how versatile a business communication service can be. For more information about any of the services mentioned here, give us a call at 020 8293 0100