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How to support collaboration in a remote environment

Working remotely has provided businesses with a variety of new options in terms of how they communicate with customers and colleagues. Working together is essential for any business; doubly so when working remotely. If your team can’t reliably get in touch with each other it can cause a variety of issues. People can end up feeling demotivated or distant, their quality of work may suffer, and customer issues may slip through the cracks.

It is important to guarantee that your team can reliably get in touch with one another. At Netcomms we believe that technology is the answer here. There are a variety of systems available now that allow you to prioritise collaboration while your team work remotely. They can help you to get in contact via voice, video or message and ensure that work is being handled in an efficient way.

We have been working on providing teams with the solutions they need to operate at their best in a remote environment for months now, and so are in a good place to help your business. Here are our most important tips for how you and your team can create a collaborative working culture.

Make the most of video conferencing

Video conferencing is a piece of technology that has come to define remote working. Not making proper use of it can be disastrous. The benefit of video calls with your team is that it allows you to construct a face-to-face connection where there otherwise would not have been one.

This allows you to stop your team from feeling isolated. The best way to accomplish this is through regular video calls with your team. These can be on a daily or weekly basis, but it just allows you to get an understanding of what everyone is up to and how they are getting on. Whether you host these meetings as separate between individual teams or company-wide, they can be great at inspiring some much needed team spirit.

Another great use of video conferencing is to problem solve on the go. If your remote team can actively share a video of the issue that they are facing, either using a shared screen or video feed, then solving that issue becomes far easier. With video conferencing, you can solve issues just as effectively as you would be able to in the office.

For more on video conferencing check out our UC solutions.

Work better with your mobile

Your mobile phone is they key to working more effectively on the go. It seems like an obvious solution and in a sense it really is. It’s likely that your team are already equipped with a relatively modern smartphone, but if not, we offer a variety of cost-effective business mobile plans that can help you to get up and running.

Once your team are fully-equipped with mobiles for business, your options for collaboration increase dramatically. If you’re working on the go, your team can easily get in touch with you via your mobile. This can be done through the obvious voice call, but with a unified communications system more options open up to you.

With UC if there is only a small change or piece of information to share, then you can send it to a colleague via an instant message. If you need to explain something more comprehensively, then a video conference works best. If you need to see something specific, then UC services now come equipped with file-sharing services. This means you can quickly share and edit documents on the fly to be sent between one another.

Making use of mobiles alongside the right software is a great way to give your business some resilience when you work away from the office.

Keep track of your staff productivity

To get the best view of how your staff are working away from the office you need to turn to the right technology. In order to make sure everyone is working at their best, you should be making use of call management services. These solutions help you to see the status of each of your phone system’s users, and some more important details.

You can see which members of your team are successfully handling calls and those that aren’t. This allows you to work with your team to improve the process for everyone. Find areas for improvement and acquire solutions that can help you work around issues. You can even record calls to playback later for training purposes.

Overall, remote collaboration is something that every team will have to handle in their own way. We know that no two teams are the same and each will have varying capabilities in terms of resources and staff numbers. We hope that this guide has just given you some ideas about technology that can help.

At Netcomms we offer solutions that can benefit collaboration in a variety of teams. Get in touch and find the right system for you.

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